Osama bin Laden is Dead.


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Unfortunately, it doesn’t mean the troops will be coming home or that we will go back to requiring Congressional approval to declare war. America must continue to protect her interests abroad…like oil and friendly dictators. We were always going to retaliate and get Osama, but the U.S. government also used 9/11 as an excuse for pushing even more American weight around the world. For a country that praises democracy and freedom as the end-all be-all, the way we use force around the world certainly isn’t encouraging for the cause.

At least the media will shut up about the Birthers now…

Though this was the main head of the Hydra of Evil that has been removed, the other’s of that body will still lash out. If there had been stronger assistance from the leaders of the countries Bin Laden was hiding out in while the search for him carried on, resources used to find him would have been considerably less.

I wouldn’t be wholly surprised if this story yet turns out to be false. And, Janus-faced Pakistan surely has some answering to do, how was ObL able to “hide-out” in a multi-million pound apartment right outside the country’s capital? Odd to say the least.

It’s now a question of what happens to ObL’s wealth, as he was primarily the financier of Al Qaeda.

As for the birthers, now they might become deathers and demand a long form death certificate. :wink:

Or is he?

I’m sure it would be in our best interests to seize his wealth, but I’d bet he’s made that pretty impossible or it probably would’ve been done already somehow.

yeah, that’s also a possibility. For some reason though, I doubt they’re making it up. They say they have the body – not that they’re going to put Osama’s dead body on television – but at least some people will be able to see and verify it.

As for Pakistan’s complicity in hiding/aiding bin Laden…yeah I do think it’s suspicious…I’m sure he had connections, but do you think the Pakistani government at-large was friendly toward him?

Another perspective on Pakistan:
hindustantimes.com/Mute-gove … 92586.aspx

They made him a martyr. Nice work! And now - round 2…

The terrorism inflicted on the world [and in particular Iraq and Afghanistan] by American foreign policy [which protects the interests of those who own and operate the global economy] makes anything Al Qaeda inflicted pale by comparison.

The military industrial complex is the true font of 9/11. It’s not for nothing that the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were chosen as targets.

Osama bin Laden is dead. That is a good thing. He personified the mindlessness of God as the end justifying any means. But we live in the Bilderberg world. And until that world is dismantled there will be many, many more bin Ladens to follow.


ok so how about now the government gives us our freedoms back (via repealing Patriot Act, among other things) and brings the troops home?

NOT, you guys thought this would make a difference BUAHAHAHA.

Also, Osama more than likely died in 2001.

You guys are SUCH unbelievable suckers… :unamused: [-(

They dropped his body in the Ocean??? …geeezzz

when Che Guevera was killed, they flaunted that mother fucker’s body around for EVERYONE to see. Not really sensible to keep evidence of this guy’s death a secret…unless there isn’t any evidence.

If there were no more sin, what would be the purpose of priests? If there were no more disease, what would be the purpose of doctors? If there were no more enemies, what would be the purpose of army? People need to be afraid of something - in such a way that they need saviours and champions all the time… Can there be better form of control? The US goverment knew that killing Osama won’t change the overall picture, and that it will probably make things worse - which will result in more terrorist attacks - which leads to stricter laws and greater invasion of privacy, loss of more civil rights, semi-military state and The Patriot Act 2.0… Over 99% possible…

Fo’ shizzle. I’ve read that the US conducted this operation without informing the Pakistan government, quite a brazen move but they (US) obviously don’t trust them (Pakistan).

@XZC: :laughing: :sunglasses:

so, let’s assume it’s all true for a second anyway: it just came out that he was UNARMED when he was shot (if he was shot). they shot this mother fucker in cold blood. no trial for his crimes?

there’s not too many reasons to shoot an unarmed man. maybe he had information they didn’t want to leak? i don’t know, i can’t really think of any other good reasons to shoot an unarmed man. it’s a bit suspicious if you ask me. when they caught Charles Manson, they didn’t just shoot him. they gave him a trial. they didn’t just shoot the guy who allegedly killed JFK, they caught him, arrested him (and then somebody else shot him lol). they didn’t shoot Saddam when he was caught. why the change of procedure? what’s goin on here?

fuck, if they had caught hitler before he committed suicide, i’m sure they would have tried him

After 9/11 does the blood really get cold here?