Spies, spying on your thinking,
Thoughts swimming in your drinking,
Herds of Words emerge linking,
The curse, the earth, no longer sinking,
The rain, it drops,
Blood stains, gun shots,
Escape into the night and wait until the sun comes,
The reflection in this knife, shreds light, right before the slain ones.
I never landed on this land, I grew from the underground,
Raised up, now I stay up where i ride in the thunder now,
Naturally occurring, a justified discovery,
For you, No recovery, until you confess your undying love for me.
The smoke screens and strips,
Mirrors and magic tricks,
None of this works on the kid,
Now what kind of capturing is this?
Reflect your disease until i’m drenched in your stench,
Move through you freely with the smelling of my scent.
I whistle when i walk, i’m here, behold the throne
Predator recognize predator in the destruction of the unknown.