Overcoming Resentment

I feel I have matured a lot this year;
many of the things I used to believe in have changed.
I’m less cynical and nihilistic.
I laugh at my past follies often.
I used to resent many things,
but now I realize how I was mainly culpable
for past failings. I feel more light-hearted.
Life is more optimistic.

We tend to point the finger at others, instead
of being honest with ourselves.

The best way to overcome resentment is to laugh.
Try doing it more often and see how it changes
your world-view.


Some of the quotes are taken out of context, but still funny.

I’m surprised you’re still around Erik and not worshipping some Hindu cow deep in meditation.

Did you know some ardent followers of that tradition rub their faces in the cow’s urine?

I didn’t believe at first until I Googled it. Let’s hope you don’t take some traditions like them seriously.

Yeah, I’m still here.

I was considering the whole sadhu lifestyle, but came to the conclusion that it’s not for me.

I’d like to have a family eventually.

Where are you living now?

Don’t be a quitter, go sit in the forest with your head arched to the sun, staring at it all day unblinkingly, while ants crawl all over you, turning you into the forest floor.

Whenever one of us stubs our toe, or get diarreah, we can instantly blame that fucking Sadhu Erik and his ascetic magic for causing it.

Honestly, nobody, likes a quitter, get hopping to it.


Hello Erik, I like the video so much! :slight_smile: do you have the complete version of that video?

I used to be very pessimist and resentful, like you, as I experience more and aging I realize I did not see the full picture of this world and draw my conclusions to hastily.