One time I met a guy who lived in a rich country before it collapsed from greed and stupidity. He told me that if I ever went there, I’d see two giant legs of a colossal statue without a trunk. A shattered head near the legs. An arrogant expression on its face, sort of a proud toughness. But the sculptor was mocking whoever posed for this statue because it looked almost comically self-aggrandized, especially now, carved into lifeless stone, shattered on the ground in the middle of nowhere. So pathetic! Funnier still (or sadder?) is the inscription on the rock that still reads, “So my name is Ozymandias, I’m the king of the world. Look at this big-ass statue of me and this shining city on a hill – especially the castles my friends and I live in. As tough as I assume you might be, I hope you feel small because, compared to me, you’re a fucking ant. Go and have a good cry, you loser.” The best part is that there’s nothing around except these stupid broken rocks. No city, no castles, nada. Just a flat and dusty desert in all directions, as far as the eye can see.

How very profound.

We choose our own ending. That is the main problem with dr manhattan’s fatalism. If he was right, how did they change history? Since he was wrong… We choose our own ending.

Maybe Ozzy should have used his influence & dr manhattan’s tech to throw some precision punches. Maybe they should have put 2 & 2 together & noticed the synthesis resolving the conflict, too, but. Meh. For another graphic novel.