Pantheopsychic Salvation

The Bible refers to sin or reductively defines sin as the “transgression of the Law”, which in short is summed in the Ten Commandments. The major bone of contention between God and man results from one being born with or having a nature in which one can do nothing but transgress the Law. In Pantheopsychic Christianity, this law-transgressing nature comes from God in a state of non-lucid dreaming, as God created everything without exception through the process of imagining or dreaming.

Salvation therefore, generally involves coming to have a nature in which one can no longer transgress the Law. In Pantheopsychic Christianity, one cannot grant oneself this nature but can only gain this perfection through mimicry of the imagination of God in a state of complete wakefulness.

This is only achieved when one dies, though the process begins (for some) while one is currently alive and in a state of grace wherein one knows and accepts one is a doppelganger of characters imagined or dreamt by God in one of the three states of dreaming or wakefulness.

This world or “Matrix” wherein biology, jeopardy, and evil exists is temporary and generated by and depends upon the mind of God in a state of non-lucid dreaming.

The world we currently experience is a doppelganger of the experiences of God as he alternately non-lucidly and lucidly dreams. God is gradually waking up. When God wakes, this will result (if Annihilism is true) in the cessation of conscious or personal existence for some and the transformation for others into beings that can no longer sin, as God no longer non-lucidly dreams.

Know who you need in your set, graff? Alfred North Whitehead. You could use a little process theology in your life and it would shirley help your sales. You work that guy’s stuff into your own philosophy and you’ll go up like three levels.

Process theology holds (if I remember correctly) that there are four Gods, one being Satan. While Pantheopsychic Christianity recognizes Satan’s role in the formation of human experience, it holds that Satan is ultimately a sub-dimensional doppelganger of a dream character in the mind of the Crucified Man, who is an alter or alternate personality of God that currently non-lucidly dreams, as opposed to Satan being equal to God or a fourth version of God in the putative sense.