Parallel Universes and Multiverses

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Assuming that space is infinite (which is up for question … =1&catID=2
on the matter I had a few questions that I hope someone is willing to tackle. Firstly, how would the Big Bang Theory, or even Evolution for that matter, explain how life came to exist in other universes? If our universe was is constantly expanding, wouldn’t we eventually run into the other universes? Second, could we ever travel to these universes, and if so what effect would this have on our own societies and those of the alternate universe? And lastly, would the same laws of physics still govern other universes in the multiverse?

No it doesn’t. THat’s a fallicious arguments. Also we have no concept of what actually exists putside the boundries of our own universe. But our own universe is infinite so boundry becomes a little of an odd concept. “Space” as you call it only exists within our universe, so another universe cannot be created within in our own, as then it would be part of our universe anyway.

Anyway, back to why the argument is wrong, there is the theory that if there is nothing at all a big bang will automatically happen. But then there is something and thus a second big bang cannot happen. Thus only one universe. What is more likely is parallel universes, that exist in a seperate dimension rather than being in the same space/time continuum as our own. But that is not at all related to space being infinite.

current science spatial theory says that space expands to a point then shrinks.

what happens when two spatial planes/dimensions touch is this the point of max growth before the shrinking? wouldnt this be the ONLY instance travel between the two would be easiest due to the touching of the planes?

btw, I think I’m wrong.

Matt, if space is not infinite, then where does it stop? Is there a point where everything ceases to exist? If not then space is infinite. And if space is infinite isn’t it possible that space could exist outside of our universe? What if there was nothing outside of our universe? As you claim space does not exist beyond our own universe, and you also mentioned the theory that when there is nothing a big bang occurs. If there is no space outside of our universe, wouldn’t a big bang happen according to this theory, therefore making another universe? Btw i dont really have a side on this. I am just trying to explore all possible conclusions. Thanx!

The problem with watching an explosion (big bang) in a supposedly infinate universe is that it’s hard to tell if it’s actually exploding or imploding dut to having nothing external to compare it with. If there’s no external measurement then everything expanding outwards looks exactly the same as if everthing was getting sucked inward.
This may be going a little to metaphysical but from an conceptually outward view of the big bang, the singularity may very well have imploded, inwardly expanding in complexity within the same point creating the universe and everything we know. In which case the entire encompassing outer edge of space may very well be all the same point.
…Well I liked this theory anyway. :sunglasses:

Firstly, I’m not going to even talk about the big bang ladies and gentlemen.

With “dimensions” one can think of the simple dimensions which we already know. Now rougly scientists say there are hundreds of dimensions that exist all around us and yet we have no idea of them because we are only human.

If some of you don’t know me already, I may across as a very religious man, but let me assure you and I am not religious.

No, I view my connection with the father (The god of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob) to be one that while right now I am going through trial with, to be a connection that is almost as clear as any firm friendships I have with people in the flesh. It’s my relationship with him and no one can take that away.

Enough about myself, now on to the topic; dimensions…

Scientists have also said that there’s a place in space where the energy readings go off the scale and if this is true; perhaps this is the supposed “End of the universe.”

Then what lays beyond this? Is this where God dwells? The supposed “end of the galaxy.”

There is no end or beginning to the concept of God, however if any of you good men beleive in SOME being or creator, then surely you must wonder if the different dimensions have some bearing to this God or creator.

What’s your take?
Also, why did you want to ask about dimensions, what is IT that interests you in bringing this topic up?

i dont think our universe would ever have to worry about coming into contact with anouther universe. if there are other universes or parallel universes they would not be contained in ours, beyond the “borders” of ours. and our universe does not have borders. when the big bang happened there still must exist a universe for it to expand into.

imagine a tennis ball and say that is the mass that exploded into the big bang (i know its supposed to be infinatly small, but just use this for an example). around this ball at the beginning of the universe would be empty space. absolutley EMPTY. that does not mean that there is a “nothingness” outside of it. (i think we have agreeed in anouther thread that nothing cannot exist. it would just be empty space. now when the big bang happens there would still be that empty space around the newly created stuff that is flying out everywhere. its not like there is a solid wall when we hit the edge of the universe. there is just no mass outside of it. also, i dont think any sort of mathematical proof or scientific explination could prove or disprove the existance of alternate realities or dimentions for other universes to exist in. how could we possibly postulate the existance of things that exist outside of our universe. its like looking through a one way mirror. the only way you could tell if there is something on the other side is if it banged the mirror or did something that would effect our side for us to notice it. and if other realities could effect our reality? i think that would cause for some MAJOR crazy stuff to happen.

also, if there are “parralel” universes, we would just have to be anouther one of these parralel universes. to say that our big bang causes all these other dimentions and realities to exist i think is kinda self-centered of us. also it would mean that our universe somehow spawned other universes. if this is how it happened then everything including our universe must have been created somewhere removed from all other universes. some sort of place removed from our reality. (cause ours could not have existed yet)

I have a little theory that I’m pretty much set on, and not being an educated man some of you may laugh at it but I thought I’d share it anyway.
Imagine atoms and molecules, as far as I’m aware these fit together to form different chemicals or substances, eg water is H20, (2balls of hydrogen stuck to 1 ball of oxygen?) now everything that can possibly exist has a formulae like this, made up so many of one, so many of another etc etc.
OK, now lets look at our solar system and galaxy, and try and relate that idea to the planets revolving around each star, (the neucleas of an atom(?) and then each galaxy. Maybe each system and galaxy can be mapped to a formulae of such. (excuse my molecules,atoms etc, I’m not really sure what is what and which is which)
Taking that each galaxy is a substance, I suggest that These galaxies all fit together and are related to form the universe, which itself is a living thing, maybe an entity that we are familier with just it is on a huge scale, it could even be a human!
Obviously, the big bang theory would relate to the conception or the time when the first cell began to devide. As the ‘human’ begins to grow, the universe expands, until it reaches an adult stage where it will dramatically slow down, then shrink again into old age.
(a side not, the universe being created in 6 days could well be a possibility if taken on the time scale of the huge embreo forming on it’s own universes time scale)
So multiple universes can exist in the forms of other living forms in the universe (which is in itself another huge living thing) of our universal living ‘human’.

Obviously as we scale things up… so we can scale things down. We are infact each of us, our own universe, a god in our own right, and all the galaxies and solarsystems that go to make up each of us also in their turn can be scaled down again.

I’m sure you’ve heard it before… as without, so within…
Just one of my little ideas.

Our universe, under this idea would have to be a complicated structure , as something like water just wouldn’t have the molecular structure to support the galaxy/system mapping to molecular structures.

Obviously this idea opens up alot of other possibilies such as why we have belief in God or why we have a God Spot in our brains etc, see what ideas make sense to you when fit to my model?


superstrongsteve: The universe as such is curved. If you left the earth today travelling at umpteeen million times the speed of light in a straight line away from earth, you would eventually arrive at the other end of earth. thus the universe can be finite yet still not stop.
what is possible is that there are other universes, completely separate from our own. But we would not run into other universes because of our expanding. they’re not situated anywhere in nothing, just like us, they’re nowhere. Just like if you went there, you would be in another time that had nothing to do with this one, but then again you do that every time you move, so… But this would not even be relative to our own time, see. But still it might be possible to travel there, not physically maybe, but theoretically you might be able to go through a wormhole, which is very much like a black hole just with two event horizons (which is where you will be sucked into it) and end up in another universe. Then again it is likely that your atoms would rather be picked apart one by one and disappear from the universe altogether, that is cease to exist in our reality.

Concerning whether or not our laws of physics would still be valid in another universe, I do not know, but personally it seems likely to me that other laws of physics might exist, it might not be built from atoms and such. And our might not exist. But I also have a theory on why the big bang happened…

it might sound childish, but I think it is possible that it happened because it could happen. One thing that is certain is that when there is nothing, there are no laws of physics, and with no laws of physics there is no reason why something should not happen without cause. I would even say that because you have nothing, that is exactly the same as having an endless amount of possibilities, which makes it highly probable that there is a very large amount of these universes, but not an endless amount. Because endless opportunities does not mean it is certain that something will happen, just infinitely close to certain.

I agree with you in a way. You say that perhaps the whole universe is in a way human. i dont take it that far, i think that in a way any sort of process that exists in the universe is in a way analogous to life itself. After all life is nothing more then a really complicated process. So what if you draw back the lens and look at something like a river system and you can see it is just anouther process, the earth itself is just anouther process (which we are a part of) so why cant we even bring back the lens even furth and see the entire universe as a process itself which is even more complicated then we will ever be!

I’ve come across some new findings that are quite interesting. This is a pretty good summary article of the current theories and progress. Enjoy!

I can’t be arsed to read all these posts so I’ll just state what I’ve heard.

The things in our universe are in a state of expansion. Energy diffuses I guess. At one point everything in the universe will expand until the energy level drops to 0 due to everything being so separated. For some reason that’ll cause everything to collapse back on itself. I’ve even heard one theorist say that at this point everything will return to equaling 1 electron or something after all the negative and positive energy returns or something like that.

On the topic of mutliverses (for some reason I just think of “The One” when the guy says “I’m a multiverse agent” lol), Dr. Michio Kaku uses the example of foam on a mug. Universes are created and destroyed all the time and they are just like a bubble, they pop in and out of existence. Now, everything we know of our unvierse is relative to our universe including time and space of course. Essentially, there’s no telling what is outside (hyperspace) our universe but they theorize that blackholes may be ‘punches’ into hyperspace that either can 1) act as formation of a new universe (which if that 1 electron idea actually works it really wouldn’t take much to create a universe!) or 2) can act as a bridge to another bubble on the great cosmic beer mug.

Another thing to note would be that the 4-D world we live in (three obvious dimentions with an added one of time), though in M-string theory they’re finding like 11 dimensions to solve the puzzle of what they call “hyperstrings” but then we wouldn’t only have 3 observable dimensions would we? He states light as a 5th dimension but then we only notice the “ripples” of that one. It would be a strange thought to even try to concieve of another “bubble” (universe) that was formed with other “visible” dimensions and what kind of creatures would exist in it?! I mean just look at radiation, we have no way of feeling it because we evolved without having to sense it. Just some thoughts.