Parochialism as a root philosophy

We are all parochial … defined as the social units we subscribe to … nationality, race, religion, profession, family, ideal(s) and so on and so on.

Parochialism creates boundaries … imprisoning the scope of our thinking … prejudicing our thinking … (insert here)

The few people who are blessed with the gift of transcending parochialism learn that "earthling" … for lack of a better word … is yet another manifestation of parochialism.

While the soul resides inside an Earthly body, that is definitely a boundary most never peek beyond while their Earth body lives. Bummer for them. :evilfun:

The word parochialism is throwing me for a loop, am too distracted by Catholic schools and the boundary in my mind that they are causing right now.

That’s a good place to be Wendy … you have real life personal experience of just how powerful these "boundaries are.

The boundaries are no less powerful for adherents to a particular school of philosophy … Dasein … for example … nor for adherents to a particular “World View” … globalism for example … and so on and so on.