Party down in the "Religion" forum... (free will).

Okay, so… I’m just trying to lure some philoso-geeks down out of the clouds into the Religion forum… to discuss free will in the light of God’s foreknowledge…

Here’s an excerpt of the thread:

Please don’t reply here, as the extended thread (with all the most important points) is in the Religion forum. Thanks a million for at least taking a look… and thanks another million if it develops into a discussion.


Talking free-will to a religious fanatic is like talking sex to a nun.

Sure it’s fun telling them things that shock them, but what’s in it for me?
And we all know that they can’t take rational debate. The emotional kind is up their alley.

You rarely supply rational replies, and when I respond to them – you never reply again with a rational reply. It’s always something like, oh – your reply above (or complete silence).

Let’s see if you can hold down a rational discussion? Let’s make a wager… if you can limit your replies to rational arguments without any of the stuff found in your above reply, or I can’t resist emotionally outbursting… I’ll stay away from ILP for a full year. If you can’t limit your replies within those bounds and I resist emotionally outbursting – you have to stay away from ILP for a full year. 'Course it’ll have to be the honor system, considering the multiple username thang. There must be atleast 3 replies from you to 3 unique replies from me (all 3 of your replies cannot be to 1 of my replies, and vice versa) in order for this to be a valid wager. After those 3 replies, though, we still have to meet the above criteria.

And you don’t get to decide whether I’ve emotionally outbursted, and I don’t get to decide whether you’ve argued rationally. We’ll put it to an ILP vote.

I double goat dare ya.

What do you think ILP philoso-geeks – can you be called upon to vote if necessary?