PATRIOT II Legislation Leaked

Do you feel the American Government is going enough to protect you from Terrorism?

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It’s up to you what you make of this, but personally it’s times like this I’m glad I live on a little out of the way island. The following two links have more information on the topic’s title. It’s going to be called the 'Domestic Security Enhancement Act’.

The Center for Public Integrity

Here are some comments that I found interesting on a website called They don’t necessarily reflect my own opinions, but I found them interesting none the less.

Well what do you think?

Pax Vitae

They tried this in England and got a huge backlash. They were going to give huge sweeping powers of snooping and access of our digital information to loads of branches of our government, but were very surprised at the resistance to the proposals. Had to scrap the whole lot and go back to the drawing board.

It all depends on how your media react to it, it was our media that led the campaign against, they seem to think they’ve got to be the opposition as the conservatives seem a litttle dazed and confused that they’e not in government. It’s only been, what 10 years now.

Any American’s out there???


Hi Matt,

I remember that one it had me a little upset. As there’s always a chance that it would be put before the EU to make it into European Law. So, before you know it (for places like Ireland), it slips through the back door because of treaties that modified our Constitution.