Patronizing America

So I’m watching the news, Obama is president, it’s quite exciting. From the coverage I’ve seen race has been the biggest question, these British reporters harking on about race and America having a black president etc. and how great it is to see them overcome their history of racial prejudice etc. etc. They’re fucking hypocrites, this country (uk) is a million miles away from electing anyone other than a white and anyone other than a offspring of the ‘upper class’. It’s easy to dwell on America’s faults but it’s even easier to forget our own.


How many Asian MPs are there, out of curiosity?

Not sure. I don’t even know what MP’s do. They maybe spend an afternoon prattling about in the house of commons (?) but no-one other than the nobodies attend the house of commons when they don’t have to.

Can I just point out that, for all his faults, Gordon Brown isn’t from any kind of upper class. I do think that, actually, the idea that ‘anybody can make it’ actually holds a lot more true of British than American politics.

There are a handful of asian and black MPs. Never had anybody particularly high up in government. I don’t think anybody that lives in Britain would call it a country free from racism, but really most of that would be directed at Arabs and immigrants from Eastern Europe right now.

Maybe. I think my OP missed the target. Their seems to be allot of excitement around the Obama election, excitement in politics! whether this excitement transpires to interest in policy is another matter, but it makes politics here seem stuffy, a bunch of angry old men jeering each other in the commons isn’t exactly exciting…