Pentagon Confirmed UFO-footage


In this day and age of advanced technology, I cannot accept grainy or blurry photos as legitimate since 95% or more the evidentiary photos are grainy, blurry, or both which makes their authenticity questionable. However, I would not be surprised to find out that Area 51 or other hidden govt research facilities have been studying alien technology since the 1950s and that is why our technology leaps and bounds have been fairly quick in coming since the 1960s.


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So you are saying the Pentagon is wrong? As if you know more than they do?

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The Pentagon has more authority than you do, idiot.

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You presumed to know more than the Pentagon, you got called out, now own it.

You tried to insult me, but it wasn’t me who made the claim, it was the pentagon.

nah i didn’t. i pointed out that you failed to comprehend a few things, and here you are still doing just that. you’re not a victim bruh. you’ve gotta sack up and face that reality.

Own it, it is the pentagon who made the claim, not me.

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Pentagon released the footage and admitted they don’t know what it is.

Why are you attacking the messenger?