People you miss

Same, when I joined with the first wave of psuedo-philosophers, it was really fun arguing with all of them. :smiley: We were all so hopeless. And of course all so sure we were right.

I quite like the current state of ILP affairs… light foot traffic, like one would get in an opium den or absinthe parlour… not that I know what it’s like, in an opium den. :open_mouth:


Days go by and still I think of you [insert applicable ILP member’s name here]



Exclusive footage of a Brazilian style shelter in place. We’re doing a documentary on different cultures and how they’re responding to the pandemic. Phoneutria - the one with the socks - gave our camera crew permission to come on to the property and record.

phoneutria once told me she thought Kerry Minnear had a nice ass. Go to 3:56 and check it out. She once also commended the drummer for being bold enough to wear his long johns (although the term she used was ‘pojamas’ if memory serves me) while playing on stage.

Now just that fact alone is hot. that she thinks Kerry is hot, is hot, I mean. He kinda looks like a vampire guy to me though. Might be the hair and the count of Monte Cristo outfit.

But first of all most chicks don’t even know gentle giant exists, and the ones that do don’t like them… and they certainly don’t think any of them are hot.

Not yet.


What? No Oughtist?? Oh woe is me… in a year or two I’m retiring as a Special Needs teacher. Let me tell you, I will once again be looking for philosophical solace at that time. Anyone have a special need I should be working on in advance? Conversely, anyone have suggestions for running a Covid Google Hangout for.cognitively delayed High School folks? I’m open to any phenomenologically positive suggestions

Come on, ILP rocks!! Help an old comrade out…Half hour sessions, 10 & 1 dailey. Fundamental letter decoding and pre-preprimary mathematics. Literacy and numeracy at fundamental levels. Anyone gotta perspective? Please offer it. FYI I no longer believe in “Stupidity,” other than my own.

Captain cruck or something like it and turtle, and Stuart, got to know him personally drove down here, picked him up from downtown skid row feel bad about him leaving I was so dense and unaware.
Miss the Saint, and that old guy when he told me that he watched some movie the moment I posted something about it and Irralleus when he did post.

If You read this : I greet you.

…the person who’s heart, I broke… many years back now, when he realised there was an Ocean between us and so stopped corresponding with me at once and left ILP altogether… never to return,

…then in turn, he broke my heart, with his actions, but not words… because he’d stopped talking to me by then.

I was reminded of S.I.A.T.D. recently. Heard him described as an utterly savage cunt of a Marxist fool who has no fucking clue. Tad harsh! I liked the fella. :slight_smile:

Gamer, Moreno, Humean, Gobbo, Pezer

Probably even JohnJones… that guy was ridiculous.

He was a good friend of mine until out of the blue one day he told me I am a white supremacist and he broke contact. He then deleted every video I had made for the company he had convinced me we were building, and the videos in which he had interviewed me for his site. He is apparently extraordinarily stupid and arrogant on top of it. People can be clever about administrative and categorical issues but truly have not a clue in the world about humans. Ive noticed this as a pattern in Marxists, and he is one, so thats basically what happened there.

(Evidently Im not too clever with humans either, as I did not see this coming)

I miss Gobbo, definitely. One of a handful who shared knowledge that could change a persons life. He too was working on a site with me and then promptly deleted it.
But he was not a Marxist and he had some proper reasons, such as that the site wasn’t working and he wasn’t gonna do a failing project.

A lot goes on, behind closed ILP doors, it seems.

Yes and a lot is brewing.
More happenings shall happen.

I still miss God most of all.

I can recall so vividly how much more integrated I felt when I could connect the dots between the here and now and the there and then by way of subsuming all my uncertainties in the assumption that there was an explanation rooted in God.

Then, after God, I miss Marx.

With Marx there was now oblivion, but I was young then and death was far, far away. I took comfort instead in the belief that the “human condition” could be understood in such a way that it was only a matter of time before we reconfigured the way the world was into the way it ought to be instead.

As for Moreno, Karpel Tunnel posted this: “Speaking for Moreno, as I very well can…”

He’s Moreno then?

Wait a second! … I didn’t read that post, but I read some posts of that user, and yes, that could very well be Moreno. Or at least someone posting just as thoughtfully, similar style, similar je ne c’est quoi.