Person(ness) Transcends Gender(ness) ???

I scribbled some personal thoughts on the notion of “person” and “gender” almost 15 years ago …



The notion “Gender Neutral” seems to be gaining momentum …



Perhaps the human species is headed in the direction where our “person” transcends our “gender”.

As far as no.1, which could be commonly referred to as soul or spirit, which i’m not sure i would agree with, but rather replace it with life energy essence which the other two ( no.2 & no.3 on the list) are dependent upon and is an expression of it.

I don’t think personhood can transcend the reality of gender as this is something which is innate within existence, however, it can be ignored, or definition of words can be changed in order create illusions which result in delusions, but reality is still present for all to see.

“Gender Neutralism” always has a feminine leaning because it has an agenda behind it,where masculinity is under attack and not desirable by the system as it proposes a rival threat, so an emasculation feminizing approach is put into place, attempting to reduce gender to a social construct where it can be disconnected from reality and played around with to suit the relative position in society.

Sometimes division IS necessary to be safe. Also, confronting the doom rather than running, and fighting it head on can create safety.

Hi pilgrim-seeker_tom,


First I want to say that I wrote many things fifteen years ago that when I look at them now - I wonder what I was thinking. Be certain to take into consideration how things have changed since then - because I am sure you would have grown a lot since then. In saying this however you present an interesting topic . . .

Interesting . . . It is true to say that each of us is a ‘unique person’ . . . but how can you be sure about this; at this level of ‘being’ there is no gender distinction … no age distinction? The cultural distinction on the other hand, you may have a point . . .

There are perhaps a few more reasons to gender distinction than to only propagate the species . . . I would first think about what life would have been like if it were possible to have just one gender throughout history - use that as a benchmark no matter how silly it sounds - then you can think how different things would have been socially, culturally, spiritually - what the isms might be like - it would be so different . . . this requires quite an imagination . . .

Yes . . . this is something that I mostly agree with.

It sure does . . .

I just hope we proceed with caution - I see no evidence that we are equipped for this at this point in time.

I guess as history has already shown us - we talk about things after they start happening - it would be nice to have insight into the future.

Nonetheless - these are important things to talk about and we should not try too hard to avoid the topics involved. The concept of man and woman is a necessary construct beyond procreation - how we handle ourselves beyond procreation is usually what separates us from the rest of the animals. We should learn to deal with our emotions instead of manifesting the results beyond the emotions - or back to the animal we go via the elastic band principle - life is about growth and living - death is about decaying and not existing. This at times boils down to the topic of sexual intercourse from what I can tell - as if people have nothing better to do than that all of the time. Gender Neutral seems to be a gateway to build excuses for why we pretend to be other than what we are.

I do not believe that a woman can be a man and a man can be a woman no matter what excuses are made, what reasoning is used, how one feels inside or what ever other emotional or rational device is used to justify any of this. People need to dig a little deeper - to say that one is a woman stuck in a man’s body is to simply negate their male experience by the time they have worked this out and same for the man who is stuck in a woman’s body - perhaps these people are something else entirely - I am not for harming anyone - I am not for meddling in natures ways or mistakes - it could be that we should become more responsible for our own reality than trying to mess with it in a way that is not provided for already - I could be wrong - but time will tell so I keep my mind open to all the possibilities out there which is why I tend not to argue too much - however one still has to present ones point of view here and there.

On the surface though it is quite obvious the difference between men and women no matter how much we try to hide it with words or thoughts - for this reason it seems that we have over-complicated our reality and now we are having to overcompensate for it . . .

I just don’t know . . . all I do know is I do not want to see anyone harmed for any reason - but I would like to see people become more reasonable.

To be more reasonable in my eyes is to acknowledge our emotions and spirituality - instead of entering the robotic or whatever realm . . .

How can we be certain that anything transcends anything? Probably or usually with an opinion . . .






There are two genders, male and female. XY and XX. That’s it.

Anything else is just gender dysphoria, a well recognized mental delusion.


This is true from a biological standpoint . . . well the most successful biological standpoint. Provided that procreation is the measure of success . . .

There are however more than two chromosome sets possible that result from procreation . . .

. . . there are sex chromosome disorders such as Klinefelter syndrome and others - but then we can still say that the result is that of a person of sorts. With Klinefelter syndrome the person is taller, weaker and sterile when the symptoms are worse and generally sterile when the symptoms are not so bad - but their intelligence is usually normal even though they can/may have difficulties with reading and speech - there is more to it than what I have said but the point I am trying to make is a question; Is the being/creature with Klinefelter syndrome still a person? I would say so . . . this regards the human being/creature.

Yes gender dysphoria is real but it is classified as a state of distress so the critical element is not delusion - now whether gender identity is a delusion or a reality beyond the gender binary that most societies have set I think is still a little beyond the scope of this thread - but the information you have added should at least inspire objectivity in the topic of whether: Person(ness) Transcends Gender(ness) ???

I think based on the name of the thread we would have to distill the Person out of each Gender, whether gender binary or something more abstract. Can it be said that each individual human being is a person? yes . . . but is this person the same as the next person? no . . . so where does that leave us? I would say, with not much because unless we can agree on what a person is then we can not make the construct of Person-ness work, but what would I know ? . .

As google search puts it; person: a human being regarded as an individual.


So I guess the question could become does an individual transcend another individual? Human Beings transcending Human Beings? Person transcending Person? et cetera. I am suggesting ambiguity is present . . .

Or does a person transcend a male or female or some other identity? Well correct me if I am wrong but we first need to work out what a person is beyond dictionary meanings . . . no? . . yes? . . . because it seems to me that no matter what each human being defines themselves as individually they are still a person.

Is being a person special? If so then why?

From what I can determine the actual question being asked is: Does being a ‘unique person’ transcend our gender? How does one answer this? Is this not dependent on the individual human being? Which person? Is one dimension in the original post superior to the other dimensions listed?

In spite of all this the only way I could answer is:

It depends on the person and whether they transcend other people or not. Person-ness needs to be more clearly defined.
Then there are no doubt many other directions we could take . . .


Thank you for this food for thought . . . let me spend some time with this and I will get back to you . . .