Petition to change avatars.

Petition to change Joker’s avatar to fluttershy, because he lives in the woods and has friends with bears. Heyheyhey, stay out of my shed.

also, petition to change amorphos avatar to something more green, maybe mario or billgates, because bill gates probably believes in quantum physics and because I don’t like the browns.

Why isn’t this in the philosophy forum? :-k

What the fuck??!! 8-[

Now, I know your base reaction is “this isn’t right, users should not have others change their avatar against their will.”

But in the same vein, we did not choose our bodies did we? So why should we be able to choose our avatars? We must accept whatever our god, Carleas, gives us. This is the natural way of things.

Even in sheol, God be praised.

Think of the Jews.

[size=85]If Nazis could simply change the bodies of jews, there’d be no ww2.[/size]

Well, to your credit your humor is improving. :laughing: