Is that why Black Folk get more women(with their secretion of pheromones being higher), besides their Well-Hung reputation in the Media and Culture? Anyone have theories on this. I used to notice when I was younger that jerking off before I would go out would result in women being more attracted to me( I dont do this anymore tho, if I do I won’t leave the house :stuck_out_tongue:). Anyone notice something similar?

I don’t think that they really do. And even if they do, and I’m wrong, most of the black women I’ve seen don’t shave thier legs very often, and thier hair is usually gross. So we have the whole quality/quantity thing in play here. Interesting thread…

Isn’t attraction about the visual more than anything else? I’m attracted to a guy that I find visually appealing - I have no idea when/how/to what extent pheromones come into play in the act of attraction.

how about when its time for some sheet wrestling and you come to find he has body odor like an orangatang…

or like wise perhaps you might let out a little poofy fart with which to ruin the mood; what if you ran out of razor blades?

but that would go back to your idea of living in medieval times and being pursued by gentlemen callers.

what you may not know is that the inital reason for any gentlemen caller to even think about “gently calling” is the best kept secret of man hood :-$ :-& .

did you know how often men think about sex?

I’ve noticed that guys are more relaxed and laid back after jerking off, and come across as self-confident, yet not too assertive/(insecure).


I don’t like men with strong bodily odours! :-&

I’m not that hairy, so I’d just trim certain areas… :laughing:

…which is?

Every couple of minutes…

Black guys smell bad, so its not pheromones. They do get girls cuz of their long dongs, but more because their personalities come off more loose and natural, whereas white guys are uptight.


nano-bug quote

“Black guys smell bad”

Err…can you explain what the hell you mean by that???

For the record I’m not that ‘loose and natural’ either, sorry if that hurts your stereotype

As for that long dong stuff well…ok i’ll give you that


But seriously this crap would be funny if it wasn’t so damaging

Well, just so you know, i’m not racist, but i do think other races smell bad and to cover it they put on loads Cologne. I grew up with a bunch black, puerto rican, ect when i was younger. I dated a black girl a few years ago. I even remember telling my mother when i was 15 that i wanted to be black. I can dance real good too, because I used to watch soul train. Another sterotype? So i hope i dont offend you, its just my stupid opinion.

Hey nano-bug, you seem a nice enough guy from the posts i’ve read of yours but you have to accept that your views are racist albeit through ignorance rather than any maliciousness. As a black person the most depressing thing I think I’m gonna hear is

especially when its followed by a blatant but predictably racist statement such as

But let me guess you’ve got black friends right??? How can you be racist?

Well fuck me dude, you should be joining the Nation of Islam especially as…

I don’t mean to mock you but it’s just that your response is standard. As a member of a philosophy forum I guess you want to learn and stuff, well I would ask you to question your views. I don’t think you are a hardcore racist but I believe you have racist views. I mean personally I shower, I rarely wear cologne and I hope I don’t smell and I can’t think of any of my family or black friends who smell. Well ok, my brother, but to be fair that is usually when he comes in after football AND he does take a shower afterwards.

Just as an additional point, i can remember when I was back at school there was a guy we REALLY used to take the piss out of cos he smelt like shit and yeah at the time he was a natural victim. I mean it was serious bullying which I kinda feel bad about now but yeah I haven’t grown up thinking all white nerds stink!

haha, i’ve always wondered if we whiteys stink to you fellows.

there probably is a greater distinction of odor inter racially, but being educated and such i would say that a great portion of the misconception is due to the poverty factor. most ethnic families are living in poverty and resultantly take less showers and what not. nourishment combined with a depressing existence leads to a spiraling crisis for anyone, and it just so happens that ethnic individuals are unproportionally oppressed . which results in many other misconceptions which are subsequently racist.

Most people can take showers. I didn’t hang out with homeless people. I’ve smelled black and Puerto Rican sweat before. For a lack of a better word, it smelled different. That being said, if i dont take a shower, i smell too, but I like my underarm man scent, even if no one else would.

Pheromones involve the nose and we humans have a very poor sense of smell.