philosophical questions should be included in pub quizs!

I am both an avid philosophy student and drinker, yet i am outraged of the lack of philosophical content in many pub quizs. The status quo are in some ways rewarded for their wanton ignorance towards the questions and challenges that life throws at us by being presented with 20 or so questions on Soap stars and football results (not that i got anything against footy! :wink: !).
Still, a pub is a perfect forum for philosophical debate. I mean, think of the questions that arise from drinking. Are our sober selfs the same person as our drunk selfs? If not, where does that leave Oliver Reed? (ok, hes in the ground, i’ll leave him alone!).
I think pub owners should open there eyes and wake up to Philosophy, the great dirty whore that brought Science and Religion screaming into this world.

Thankyou. :confused:

Well I’m a staunt believer in “there’s a time and place for every thing”…

When someone gets drunk, I don’t think they desire any intelligent conversations.

Pubs in England , bars in JA… People usually go to bars to ‘get away from the troubles of the world’… to unwind… and stuff…

i think thats quite a harsh view on the subject. I mean, most of the intelligent coversations i’ve endured outside of the lecture hall have been in a pub. Pubs are like the modern day symposiums. Anyone who disagrees is either insane or blind. (apologies to any insane people out there, simply a figure of speech! As for blind people, no apologies needed seeing as you didnt read the above abuse. In fact, you’re not even reading this supposed apology, so I will refrain from further typing in about three words time).

Without wanting to sound deliberately antagonistic, I’ve had many of my most heated philosophical debates in public houses. Alcohol gets the tongues moving more quickly and gets people’s true feelings on things out in the open.

I agree there should be more philosophy in pub quizzes and I think there should be more pub quizzes full stop.

i read in the papers about some pub that, instead of having a pub quiz, thought up a different topic each week and encouraged its patrons to have a debate. i have no idea where it was though, so it’s not the most useful of posts really…

I heard theres a pub with a paedophile behind the bar! Now thats just crazy! I suppose its ok though cos children wont be allowed into the pub, so theres no one for him to fiddle with. If they had a school disco night though…he’d have to run into the toilets every so often to wipe himself down.