Philosophy 000: The Mind/Matter-Dichotomy-Fallacy

The Great Matter vs Mind Duality
d e b u n k e d . . . .

So I asked Fixed Cross to explain it in better words than I can and he did in the below video.
But I will say it nonetheless.

Matter is an idea that exists in the mind, as all ideas exist in the mind and not outside of it.
Also experience happens in the mind.
Whatever happens happens in the mind, so the mind is not made up of matter, but the other way around, even though it seems so easy to see, that is really the deception.

If something seems easy youre usually being dumb.

Maybe the mind is made out of this thing that exists in the mind as “matter”, but it doesnt really look like it does, now does it?
After all the mind can go back and forth in time, and matter can not. The mind is clearly more flexible than matter, so…

well but this goes beyond what fixed Cross says and he may not agree.

This is philosophy 000, before you get to the basics.

Nothing can be demonstrated to be mind independent for everything we know and experience comes from inside the mind. However the universe
had existed for virtually its entirety before humans evolved. Which is evidence of mind independence. But the fact that cannot be known outside
the mind does not invalidate it in any way. To do this one would have to demonstrate that nothing can exist till it is actually perceived. That the
mind not only interprets reality but creates it too. A notion that is completely nonsensical so therefore not at all worthy of serious consideration

Definitional Logic is what sets the mind free from the delusion of subjective independence.

James, symbols are not refererents.

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