Philosophy Professor Discusses Ayn Rand in his Ethics Class

Dr. Gregory Sadler of Marist College recently discussed Ayn Rand’s The Virtue of Selfishness in his Spring 2013 Ethics class and posted the video to YouTube:


I remember that my professor in Philosophy 101 discussed Ayn Rand and that the textbook had an excerpt from the introduction to The Virtue of Selfishness. But I don’t think that my professor was as good at explaining Rand as Dr. Sadler is.

I do have a couple of critiques of his presentation, though:

Regarding 51:27, Rand considers virtues eminently practical. A breach of integrity has very real, self-destructive consequences in the long-term. There is no gap between morally principled action and practical action. (Practical for achieving long-term flourishing.)
Also, contrary to 52:48, Rand wouldn’t say the choice of friends is arbitrary, but ought to depend on their objective virtues/values. Vicious people harm one’s own life when you’re involved with them; virtuous people typically benefit one’s own life.

Did anyone else have philosophy professors who discussed Rand?

Fortunately not, no.

I’ve heard Rand spewed such filth, the hell, I don’t know what 51:27 etc. refers to, but are you defending such views, can such views be defended, what is this, I mean I’ve been reading posts about her here and there, I looked her up, apperently she was a real published writer, but still, what is this a joke?

She’s really big out in Pittsburg, PA, which is not too far from where I live- it’s the largest hive I know of. I would be more than willing to tell you about her, but I think in the case of her philosophy I would have to break my requirement to give philosophical knowledge freely- Randians to the last require payment for knowledge. Sometimes it’s a triffle, but it’s the point they make, and that point is the most important one they have to make.

Being published back in the day didn’t make you a philosopher, it only made you assumed to be profitable. Shit, today not even that.

Honestly, I’m pinned down by Randians to my East, Hare Krishnans to my South, and Amish to my West in some kind of post-capitalistic decaying superstructure merging back into nature… and the shit is surreal.