Physical media

I usually do work digitally, but I was recently encouraged to get a sketchbook and some fine liner pens. Smashed this one out today and thought it was alright enough to share

its so big i cant see it all at one time on my laptop screen

Mr. R,
If you open the image in a new tab (right click it), it’ll automatically scale.

Very nice work. It feels like there’s two images spliced together, the face and it’s silhouette - Like an insect leaping from or hovering above a rock.
The symmetry of a face, can match the symmetry of an entire body.
I could make a story of it :laughing: - The face is of someone watching a bug with disdain or weariness - and we’re seeing a reflection of both.

The shading seems like it’d be pretty meditative to do - drawing lots of precise, straight lines.
I feel like lots of your art has like a somber distance to it - very cerebral.

That’s a little bit of my rambling feedback / reaction.


May I ask your intent when drawing the image?
Was there something that inspired it?
Was there a vision you were trying to achieve?

You needn’t answer, but it’s always intriguing to understand the creator’s perspective.

that’s what she said

FJ, the nose/eyes remind me of a dark anti-Arthur, Tick’s sidekick.

Alternate story:
The top section is a dismembered angel - winged torso, missing limbs and most of head.
The face belongs to the culprit.

A dark interpretation. :confused:

Thanks for your reply.

I have been encouraged to get a sketchbook and some pens and fill it up, so one of my intentions was to push that goal forward. I ran across an image online of the Hulk and thought, let’s get some practice in! So that was another intention.

I didn’t have any lofty emotional or philosophical intentions beyond that. Just to make an image that looked readable, believable, likable, crunchy. Test my skills a bit

The silhouette is perhaps a happy coincidence.
I really like that aspect to it -
the open space lets the viewer fill in the gaps.
Another dimension.

Hey, one can unconsciously do things.
Maybe what felt right was deeper than aware.
( Fanciful thinking on my part, perhaps :-" )

Power to you, and I hope you enjoy the process.

Really creative way to see it!

Let it be known that the piece I was studying from was created by an AI. That’s right, people are now doing studies from ai generated art.

Why do many love-off AI longtime?

It makes them feel less mediocre not to have to compare themselves with people.

At the same time, calling it AI instead of just computers makes it feel more friendly and accessible.

Yea… hubris is so under-rated and wrongly denigrated… on purpose/to disarm all charm and stifle it/assuredness.

The over-hype is over-kill… the insanity eludes me to partake, and so I refrain.

The new normalv


Actually, I’m not gonna lie, that’s kinda cool.

Pole dancing robots take Las Vegas by storm:

[…the narrator’s got’a point]


Pole dancing robots are a big hit at the Las Vegas CES annual tech event. Customers were wowed by their gyrating skills. Report by Nadia Gyane.


She’s got’a point. IMG_3173

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A very good point!