Picture association II

(Ivan Milat)

[size=200]I CALL SPAM[/size]


And spam came.

And he said, “Lo, there is spam, and the spam is great, and it forecometh in great cans and is possessed of many munchy mulched meats, and you shall have the spam as your meal, and eat it, and be content, and as long as there is spam you will live in happiness.”


Spam is soooooooooo old skool!

I’m trying to put this all together . . .

freaky fly


hippy freaks

hippy roady

old western roady

old western pic on the road

the road in a farm

farm gluttony

a glutton

spam . . . well, inspired by tiger’s response.

No, that’s an Australian serial killer. The connection is that the picture preceding is of a backpacker, and Ivan Milat killed backpackers.

removed- it was a pic of the queen of hearts from alice in wonderland … srry