Piece of Advice

One of the reasons this forum is so low on the philosophy forum totem pole is because you prevent new members from posting. I can tell you right now, from first impressions, this would drive 80% of newcomers away.

You are absolutely right. It’s an imperfect solution to the chronic problem of spam.

There’s a philosophy forum totem pole, like there are more than just this message board and they’re far more active? Can you post some links?

I still, personally, find it inspiring that for the ‘restrictions’ that you say impede activity that activity continues anyway and some of our posts here have gained over 10,000 views, some far more, in short periods of time, i.e. a couple years. That shows a popularity in viewing audience beyond just the posting and vocal minority. Also, personally, I find success to be measured in more ways than people who post simple criticism as piece of advice can manage to admit other than to act out in certain patterns of action; a pattern of patterns that I didn’t fully begin to notice until spending some time here among these forums. These forums practically gave birth to a lot of actual thinking and getting somewhere with it.

But, as for it being a piece of advice, I do find; again personally; that I like my advice given to me in pieces. That way it takes a while to put it together to any way that can be made sense or use of and in the mean time, are caught having to act and maintain anyway with the conclusion and sum of the thinking matter usually being solved by simple action in much shorter length of time and fashion than it takes the conscious mind to work it out or have it be able to be brought to a conclusive whole for it to act on.

I remember when it used to be easier to destroy communities with posts like this, though. :-"

I think its because most sites are just places where only those who agree with the theme are welcome, and so people come here and realize that an actual debate it harder than they thought, so they go back to a place where they can pat each other on the back and confirm one another’s biases in a comfortable setting because its difficult to debate intelligent people who disagree with you.

This isnt just a philosophy forum, it’s a psychic cauldron.
People are being broken and reborn here.

ill make a new thread on this soon, itll be have “Witchcraft” in the title.
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