Gerald sat on the swingset, his feet rocking him back and forth slightly as he intently watched the ladybug walking around on his hand.

“Gerald, let’s go play soccer or something. How come you’re not acting cool today?”

Gerald’s eyes remained on the ladybug. “You think ladybugs are actually telling us men to wash our hands more? I mean… they are ladybugs right?”

“Whatever… I’m going to play soccer”

He didn’t care. Gerald didn’t care about too much lately, why should he? His parents were in the process of of a divorce with involved a certain affair with a certain mom in the suburban paradise. That was the term his actual mom always used; right now it felt like like a suburban hell. He wanted to be in the wilderness, in the wild, to face these emotions he felt head on. He had witnessed his father’s indiscretion head on so this only seemed appropriate.

“Hey Gerald!”

The noise seemed to scare off the ladybug and so the young boy looked up to see another of sorts.

“What’s going on?” Wendy Macmillion asked, looking down at the boy on the swing from her perch high above the social peons; comfortable with fans and grapes at her command.

“Umm, not a whole lot…”

“Can I sit down?”

“What? on this swing?”

“Yeah… I like you”

Gerald thought about this for a second. Somewhere from outside the conference room intuition screamed to be heard but biological instinct’s proposal was too strong to be interrupted. “Sure, I guess.”

Wendy Macmillion glanced over her shoulder for a second before proceeding to sit her voluptuous body on the young boy’s lap. Forced to sit facing mostly away from him she twists her body and neck around to talk. “I think you’re… hot” her blossoming breasts brushed up against his chest.

Gerald could feel himself getting aroused; he clamped his legs together as best her could to avoid shifting her weight too much. “I…uh, I think you’re hot too Wendy”

She leaned her mouth towards his ear, her lips brushing against the outter rim. “I want to… have sex, with you.”

Gerald could feel his erection trying to break through his constraints and he flexed his quads in a silent attempt restrain the beast. It was at this point he realized Wendy was waiting for something that, so far he had managed to withhold. His eyes flickered to a rather large group of Wendy’s footsoldiers standing, watching us.

“NOT!!” she said suddenly and jumped up and ran towards them. When she started to laugh so did they. “He so thought I was serious!! He’s such a loser now” she exclaimed, ordering the troops with her expressions.

“Did you feel it?” one of them asked her.

“Shut UP Diane!”

Gerald’s rage at the situation seemed to drain all blood from his penis and pump it straight to the lacking areas of his brain instantly. He knew he should have guessed what was going on, but still - emotions are emotions.

“Hahah something happened to that kid!”

By now a rather large group of kids had gathered near the swingset, some pointing and laughing at the young boy, some doing it even without knowing why. For the most part however, they were simply waiting to see what Gerald would do. Standing from the swing he raised his hands and for some reason the crowd listened, they quieted down as he walked towards the group of girls. “Wendy, do you know what sex is?” the young boy finally asked.

Wendy’s face changed, dramatically. “Of course I do.”

“No you don’t”

“Yes I do you fuckead. I’ll beat that you don’t know! Hey everybody! Gerald doesn’t know what sex is!”

With that Gerald reached into his pocket and withdrew a picture which depicted Mrs Macmillon in a graphic sex act with Gerald’s dad. He held it up for Wendy to see. “I’m going to show the whole school”

Wendy’s face changed, dramatically. She couldn’t even muster up a sentence before she ran off towards the school crying.

“Hey what is on that picture?” or some derivative was shouted by half of the crowd all at once who stood in amazement at the shatterned remains of the social queen’s throne.

“Nevermind” Gerald told everyone that asked. He had no intention of showing people pictures of his dad naked. Of course Wendy’s mom would tell her not to go to the school about this issue because it involves herself, a prominent member of the PTA.

well oh damn!

Curious little sketch on youth and sexual immaturity…as well as…some sort of take on ‘botched’ relationships i.e. The Divorce and the Graphic Photo and the Two Kids from that relationship! Interesting sketch Gobbo, would be good to see were it goes…

The kids mawkish playful embarassment no doubt parodies the supposed ‘Adult Relationship’.

gooda worka!

Yeah I just sort of started writing it (obviously)

It’s in a very rough form… whatever it is.

much better than the rubbish I write :smiley:

Keep writing!

meh… perhaps, but maybe not posting it on ilp


I don’t post much of my actual writing on here… or I’ll write it out like I did with this in real time and then fix it up on my own later.

ILP is a place to store thoughts as they come to me…

I think I’ve only ever posted one bit of creative writing on ILP…