Plan of ILP

Firstly I would like to apologize for being a bully in the past. I was a very sad and miserable person and I was in constant emotional pain.

For example, if I met random factor in real life, we would probably be friends, but online we were just dicks and mean to each other. The other day I actually cried about this and I realized I had wasted time burning bridges instead of building them.

I have been watching the TV show Eureka and I have been inspired to greatness, I want to build a Philosophy Center so that we can build a community of geniuses in which we can live and breathe together.

Firstly I thought about modelling it after the Carrington Institute, but then I realized it needed an infrastructure and an extensive heating and airconditioning system, as well as careful analysis of the structural support. So I have to decided to build it after a cheap African design, a 1 story building with simple wooden struts, no air conditioning or heating, just some fans and heaters in some rooms. This is the cheapest and most efficient design.

We will build this brick by brick, getting the highest quality insulated cement. It is time for us to do something rather than simply talk, it is time to make an actual building and organization for philosophers. Eventually, we will upgrade to a higher quality building, like an RTS game we start small and then expand.

Nice to see you heading in a constructive direction for us philosophers.
We don’t see to eye much of the time but I can appreciate the intensity of your involvement in thought.

A philosophical base of sorts is a good plan. Ive been thinking about that for some years.
But it would have to provide the people that stay there with the means to stay alive.

There needs to be a general income.
My thinking is that people smart enough to engage philosophy might, when pooled together, be smart enough to make a lot of money.

I know I can make money because of my insight into value, and valuing. Ive not hd to work a lot to accumulate money, I tend to see opportunities and the bottom line of a situation. Im assuming many of those here have the same skills, because a philosopher needs to be exceptionally observant and capable of reasoning.

The idea that philosophers should serve the throne or stand in the background with some commentary is outdated. Philosophy will take command eventually.

Its always good to make steps based on that prospect.


Where do you want to put up this thing?

I woud have it in a state that has forest, mountain and good swimming water.

simple things to make it work:

boxing ring
dj setup

Your apparently hard won self discipline is a sign of the times, we are going to be moving to a more solidified world for progressive thinkers - there will be power to go around. The strategic decision involves choosing ones audience.

Where would the philosophers den be located? Which environment benefits such a situation the most, and which environment would benefit most from it?
these two are related; there must be a challenge. It can’t be a hangout - the purpose, I would say, is to involve more people in the situation of thought.

Thought is a situation. This situation would become externalized through a philosophers stronghold.

Probably, a place with ideal temperature, not too hot and not too cold. And also, a place with the cheapest land and minimal amount of taxes.

Good luck planning an intentional community, it’s a headache. Many spring up in Tennessee like geo-villages, communes, and such, not sure the cost of land there recently, but they definitely have forests, mountains, and streams, not as cold as Canada, nor as hot as Mexico.

Another concern would be the question of bringing others a along especially those with significant others or wives and kids.

Would there be qualifications of any kind like possessing skills
or other assets related too generating needs such as growing foood or having work related skills, to build the structure plus having to make a living?

As I see it the thing needs to be financed.
We can’t have it be a survivalist colony.



I’m 67 years old and I just learned … through experience … the merit of getting one’s hands dirty … as in helping my wife with her farming project. Better still was going barefoot when pulling weeds and walking barefoot behind a rotor tiller.

There’s something magical about maintaining a physical contact with the earth … skin to skin so to speak.

Perhaps philosophy has been too detached … as in lack/absense of grounding.

Placing financial security as a priority seems cowardly …

There’s nothing like being forced out of your comfort zone to get new ‘juices’ flowing … try to imagine setting up in China …

It will be a 9 to 9 facility, not a hotel. Like a meeting lounge and central hub of activities. Providing overnight services would be too expensive.

If we can find a plot of land that’s unregulated, we’d just need to pay for the bricks wood and cement, a couple fans for the summer and heaters for the winter.

Well you need a reason for people to not kill each other (and themselves), and to want to be there.
At the very least we need electricity and running water.

We should be self sufficient in thought, thats our work, we don’t need to pretend to be cavemen and derive legitimacy from that pretence.

Orbie, I very much love working on the land myself, but I don’t want to have people to rely on me and a coupe of writers planting beets.
Spending money on a nice thing for friends is not a form of cowardice, as I see it.

I would like for it to be an extremely nice location where philosophers will look forward to spending some time each year.

Yes, I thought about the problem of putting Nazis, trannies and Jews all in one room together, like a Jerry springer episode there would have to be certain security precautions.

However, Satyr isn’t a Nazi like some of the others, most of the Americans on here aren’t nazis so the only nazis we’d have to worry about would be those on a foreign visa or passport. Also, I doubt Joker would shoot up the facility, he cares about global domination too much and he also abandoned the Joker psuedonym.

The running water thing, we’d have to hook up to the water main which would be federally regulated, if possible it would be better just to land it near a river and install some sort of filtration system and directly link it there.

For electricity we’d have to put some sort of generator, turbine or other device because otherwise, we’d have to be near the electric lines and it might mean more paperwork and fees.



From 9 to 9 ??? :slight_smile:

Excuse my intrusion … my first impressions were obviously off the mark … this is sounding more like a recreation project.

Im gonna stick to the perspective of getting financed.
I would like it to have some luxuries. Im not gonna fight on this, we’ll see what we manage. Ill show up at a more primitive site as well, but I feel its legitimate to aim for a place of comfort.

This social problem is one of the reasons Id like a boxing ring. A lot of tensions could be amusingly resolved. Of course Satyr would never enter such a ring, but others may be persuaded.

Imagine a boxing ring with a campfire and music - I think that is a great setup for proper living.

I agree with pilgrim tom, it should simply be a living quarters rather than a thing that closes at night (most of us tend to be awake at night for long periods), and people should be able to stay there indefinitely. Probably someone who stays indefinitely would have some tasks, if he isn’t paying.

Also, there needs to be accessibility to roads and a city with an airport and supplies. Dig a well or collect water in few cisterns, there’s no public utilities outside towns.

The main issue needs to be our pride -
what is the reason the we are entitled to such a community,
what makes it worth it for the world -
I want us to be compelled, forced to broadcast philosophical discussion and discourse and disseminate theory and method into the world at large, like Breitbart does for the Conservative Right, this would do for the Philosophical Center. We have enough weird and radical personalities with attractive traits to do this. Seriously, imagine how much fun to could be to watch us try to make sense of things if there is a given set of circumstances in play, such as fire, music and sparring, and fill in the blanks.

So yeah, that would make us into animals in a zoo, in a sense - but we would also be the guardians of the zoo, and there aren’t any fences. Its just people looking in on what we give them to look at.

:-k 8-[

Im not talking about megalomania, Im addressing the question of dharma.
In order to acquire value, one must be of value.

This can be very valuable to ones well being, to be of value to a great number of others.

I do honestly think that this site has enough to offer after the past years - we’ve become somewhat battle hardened, and “we” 've got Trump into office. I have experienced that night as the most holy one of my worldly life, well, as the first experience of worldly life that gave me the feeling of us all being anointed into a higher realm. Because Trumps election so flawlessly represents the principle of self valuing, valuing the world in terms of his self valuing so as to acquire power over it, of setting the terms and becoming a new standard - all that literal VO stuff - I have been vindicated in my ambitions to a good degree already - the apparently chaotic testosterone driven legislative paradigm that now its opening up is precisely what philosophy needs to eventually insert itself into the metaphysics of politics, as a replacer of ideology.

Now even our division into Jews, Nazis and Trannies will become fantastic asset. Who can compromise us? This is how atoms work. No one puts as much pressure on an atom as the parts of the atom on each other.
The only danger is becoming too big too fast. Goals and danger, hard to distinguish when you’re gathering momentum.


Still quite a while to go before such a thing could materialize -
I do believe well be in for some shocking events next year.

In time, I will less and less seem to have been ranting.
The only way a thing like this could work is if it bridges the antipathies between us, and this would require an outward move for power, a shared value, which is almost always simply the growth of power and self-valuing.

I have no idea if I actually want this -
but I can somehow see it happen now. Only under very edgy conditions, though. I don’t see us just hauling wood and water and being contented little campers.


Well, it’s still in the brainstorming stages, nothing is set in stone.

Noted. However we need only be nearby a village or town with some necessary supplies, not a big city.

I like the boxing ring idea, it puts a damper of the giant egos of ILP and teaches people some much needed humility.

Sounds good to me.

I’m not suggesting a city within a ten minute drive, but you need to be accessible to out-of-towners and those from other countries if you want to attract all minds, from all over the globe…they have to have a way to you that is legitimate…roads and an airport that accommodates commercial flights which requires access to a city not too far away.



UP … you have seeded a “somethang” … a valiant accomplishment.

Seems to me the act of seeding a “somethang” … especially a “somethang” that embodies yuge potential … attracts the “urge to control” phenomenon … from a growing audience.

It’s not easy to let the wind take your seed and deliver it to it’s destined place and time of germination.

Today, if one is not willing to traverse the globe in search of wisdom(philosophy) … one’s life becomes chained to a desktop … ergo a desktop philosopher … not a comfortable circumstance. Digital contact is no substitute for eye contact.

The fruit of desktop philosophers is abundantly manifested on this forum … in various forms of hostility.


That is very true . . . I have been guilty of hostility myself.


But things are looking up . . .

Kind regards,