Plato's Form

:confused: Is it possible to have the Form of an action?

  1. is there a form of love?

  2. is love an action?


Depends on what you define as love. I’d define it as a state of being selfless, and I’d say that love defines action, so action arises out of love.

So no on both counts. Love is a state of being without self, and has no static form, and love is not an action, yet action arises from the state of love.

But then again it depends on what you veiw as love. I’ve read a bit of Plato, Allegory of a cave… and some other works, but I’m not totally versed in his philosophy. Can action have form? If the action is based on thought then yes I’d say, form arises from our conditioning, and hence the action is conditioned, but if the action is made out of awareness then it has no form.

Do you mean action in the purely physical sense?

Engaging in the Dialectic would be an action… I think Plato held it as an ideal… he says in the Republic that the only way to reach the forms involves dialectic. I seem to recall Dialectic being on or near the top of his hiearchy.


It seems to me if you have studied martial arts, watched dance, witnessed religious ritual you have experienced first hand that action can have a form. In fact, all action might be said to have form.


Action is it’s own Form, if you catch my drift. Action is not a tanigble object, nor is it a specific verb.

just my humble thoughts…:wink:

Wasn’t the Greek’s Polis a Form? The existence of an individual is given significance/value/importance by virtue of him being part of the polis–hence, part of political life. (This is the Greek conception of political life, not the politics we know today).

So, yeah, I would think this is a Form in an action.

Also, I think GCT is right about “Engaging in the Dialectic would be an action”. (also a Form in an action).

Rounder, form for plato is a very specific thing… this isn’t a “what is your definition or opinion” kind of question… … OfLove.htm … s_bch.html … 0Forms.htm