please help me

I think that islam is very unlikely to be true, but I am so frightened by a threat to unbelievers read in the Quran (there are a lot of threats therein) that I think to become muslim… :frowning:

What should I do? Your advice, please. :frowning:

Don’t believe the hype. The threats in the Qu’ran don’t mean a thing.


Perhaps the most profound philosophy of Religion was produced by Hegel, a theory that remained as philosophically consistent as a theology could get. Although this theory was dominant for a greater part of the European intellectual revolution, a single philosopher, namely Feuerbach, arrived and ushered the movement into its most innovative growth, literally turning it onto its head.

Hegel believed that man was spirit in the process of self-alienation and self-realization; he presents himself in history as self-alienated God. For Hegel, man was in a constant development into pure spirit, and Hegel plotted this course by a method of historical dialectics.

Now watch this.

Feuerbach says the the truth is the reverse. He says that God is the self-alienation of man. Through religion, man becomes estranged from himself. This profound insight provided for Marx and Engels a new materialism which could still be interpreted in Hegelean historical dialectics.

Marx says of Hegel, “The mystification which dialectic suffers in Hegel’s hands, by no means prevents him from being the first to present its general form of working in a comprehensive and conscious manner. With him it is standing on its head. It must be turned right side up again, if you would discover the rational kernel within the mystical shell.”

Have a look at Essence of Christianity by Feuerbach if you get a chance.

My message to you, sir, is that a proper consideration of an abandonment of religion entirely might very well traverse the distance between philosophy and theology, evolving a system that practices material dialectics and yet retains its mystical value.

In short, flush the Qu’ran down the toilet and spend some time studying Hegel. But don’t stop there. Move on to Feuerbach, Marx, and Engels.

Also, the first chapter of my “portable detrop,” in the essays thread, gives my own quick interpretation of the dangers of religion as what I call the “trauma” of religious belief. I am in the process of re-writing most of that essay although the foundation for the first chapter remains solid. We could discuss it further if you are interested.


What you need to realize is that this threat in the Quran to unbelievers it is specifically targeted at people like yourself, the doubters and the free thinkers.

The passage was written in order to keep people from leaving the religion, in this case Islam. The Bible has similar passages and their purpose is the same. In fact, these “threats” are the only reason why my mother is still a Christian and she has even admitted it.

The writers of every religion know there will be doubters, thus they made seriously doubting a “crime” against their said God. They do this because they are desperate, and they realized that logic and reasoning would eventually trump their dogmatic religion, thus they decided to scare the shit out of people who were even thinking about leaving.

Don’t allow them to scare you. Don’t allow them make you act out of fear.

Think, reflect, and then make what you feel is the right decision for you.

P.S. I hope that helps, and I wish you the best.


Could you explain more please?

here’s a threat found on ilp :

thou shalt not join a religion, or any group of people for that matter, under fear or you will have one thousand times seven needles stuck in your nipples (was going to say balls… but apparently not everyone has em)

Let’s just say that there is a thing I fear very much, and the Quran says that it will happen.

To others: thank you for your advice. Fortunately, I have found a verse saying apparently that Jews and Christians who believe in God, in the Judgment Day and who do good deeds will be spared.

Bad news: upon closer examination, this verse does not favor me.

I am scared.

If I become muslim, I will mutilate my reason, because I think islam is irrational. I will be unhappy. It will be a curse. It will hamper my self-actualization… and that because I fear hell.

Please check your messages, I sent you a PM on this matter!