Please permaban my account.. thank you!


I think you’re being hacked, not that I think you’re rational, but even MagsJ knows that she can simply stop posting instead of demanding a permaban for herself.

Did MagsJ even write that herself? It does seem to have come out of nowhere.

She could possibly email Carleas and mention something from years ago that only Carleas would know and recognize. That assumes that she could actually get to a functioning computer.

Hey Mags,
is this because of the Chinese stealing user information?

MagsJ is this for real? Must be someone’s idea. Idea of a bad prank?

Can’t believe it!

look at her most recent posts…that’s where my question comes from.

Too many sock-puppets, ergo lies/liars = lack of integrity… I can’t stomach that anymore, nor the constant drunk-posting and over-abundant mental ill-health.

Thank you for letting us know.

I’ve mentally removed my mind from that mire, so please hold off for now.

Someone said: “I think you’re being hacked, not that I think you’re rational, but even MagsJ knows that she can simply stop posting instead of demanding a permaban for herself.”

This is what you get, when someone thinks they know a person and their intrinsic nature… you get the mundane-est formulated-thought response ever, and this is not what I’ve chosen to do, for reasons only known to myself.

If you’re offended by the mentally ill, then you are projecting a self hatred for your lack of progress dealing with your own mental health.

It always works that way.

I know personally how hard that work is, but for the other side of it, it’s worth it.

I suggest you continue to do the hard work here.

Lol… Someone thinks I’m offended by the mentally ill, but it’s about the lack of work that some don’t put in, in improving themselves… is all.

Things don’t always work the way we think they should, so no… it doesn’t always work that way.

The rest is just pure conjecture and speculation and so is being ignored, as Someone doesn’t know what I do or how I feel, but sure… we all have our moments. :stuck_out_tongue:

MagsJ, you quoted mentally ill health problems just several posts up as one of your reasons.

That you can’t call me by name or you don’t want me to call you by name… that’s a mental health issue.

You’re unraveling. You’ve been unraveling for almost a year now. I’ve unraveled many times in my life.

My guess is that this board is over stimulating you and you’re a compulsive poster.

But you’re not living in reality. After your “permaban”, a simple email to Carleas will make you a member again.

This is hystrionics on your part.

What a bore, and a sneaky one at that, in hoping that something he says will stick… this has been his very-obvious attempts for a long while now, to exonerate himself at my expense, over an imagined vendetta that arose in his mind.

The dude needs to move on and stop projecting his ails in this direction, as he certainly ain’t no Dr or Therapist, and is unaware that the medical profession looks to me for advice and guidance… because I’ve always got my shit together, but I do have the odd moment. :wink:

I’m done here!

The End.

Still unraveling. Why don’t you tell me exactly what I’m exonerating myself from? Apparently I committed a great sin in your eyes (so this isn’t imagined at all!).

What exactly was that sin? I’m curious.

I don’t like contradictions. You are a walking, living, breathing contradiction on a scale I’m not anywhere near. Your entire posting history is just endless massive contradictions (one after the other).

You’re testing my no consent violating ethos to see if I walk the talk. You are a very abusive person. That’s why I still speak to you. Sounds odd, but that’s how my mind works sometimes.

If what happens here on this board upsets you that much I suggest that even though you probably think that politics in the UK is bad you should never ever … ever ever ever watch the US Congress telecasts. I’ve never seen so much “sock-puppets, ergo lies/liars = lack of integrity … ill-mental health” on public display.

C-SPAN channels have become somewhat of a farce now… which is really sad because that’s the standard for informative public access in the United States.

What if I wished he didn’t speak to me…

INTP/J the most contradictory Type of them all…