Poem: Stay Back

If I love you, will you hurt me?
If I love you, will you betray me?
If I love you, will you leave me?

I dread that the answer to all my questions is yes.

Better then to cover my heart over in the scales of cold apathy.
Better to feel nothing then to feel the agony of betrayal and abandonment.
I will hold to my old hurts, and close myself off from the world.
No one will touch me, and I will touch no one.
I will hold to my old pain, and let no new pain enter into me.
I will never trust anyone again!
No one will ever get close enough to hurt me.
I refuse to let them.
I will hold them at bay.
I will cover my flesh in violent thorns.
Seek to touch me and I will rip and tear your tender flesh.
Beware. I am full of pain and I offer you only pain if you come near me.
Stay back!

Nice work. I think you should write a sequel entitled “I Will, However, Accept A Blowjob.”

lol @ Gamer, funny stuff.