[Poem] The Joy :|

This one’s is a little dark. I’ve been thinking a lot about death after reading an article on Wired’s website. Where people are getting together on a Suicide newsgroup to discus the best ways to kill one’s self. It was strange to be reading posts from people, knowing some of those who I’ve read will be taking their own life sometime in the future. I personally have no problems that would lead me normally to think in this way. It was also interesting from an intellect perspective, but every troubling imagining what it would take me to feel like them. Here is the fruit of that despair.

The Joy :expressionless:

The joy of pain in self-despair,
A beautiful hatred that will ensnare.

Trapped in the pleasure of my own shame,
Where curses become my new name.

Life is little more then my personal joke,
When on every piece of food I long to choke.

Yet hidden in the darkness where silence roars,
Lies forbidden fruit that restores.

So seduce in the dark by death’s delight,
I smile cause it’s my finial night.

And as the blood on the bed sheets streak,
I turn to face the God of the Freeks!

Pax Vitae

Magnificant. The way the use of words that are generally contradictary to each other fit so perfect in this work is impressive to say the least. Morbid, but I like it alot Pax.