[ Poem ] : untitled. First post.

this place is sad
it gets me down
it picks me up
gives me resolve
and doubt
and fear, but hope
all at once…
so complex, so
as lives are, as
the world is, more
than not.
its hard to imagine
why anyone would go
hope defys… hope
for then, hope for now
hope for him, her, them
but futility is so often
the name of the game
one must push on though
look past, push on,
continue, for every single
day holds new promises.
often broken we get down
we feel betrayed, by him
her, them.
when fulfilled, it is beauty
magical and wonderous
but only when what we
wish for becomes reality.
in almost a selfish way,
it seems that we say
‘if i cant have what i want,
then im going to cry’
but we musnt. the tears
blind, blind the other, less
realized truth.
tommorow comes again
and again, for as long as
anyone will let it, untill
their very last natural
god given breath.
hope lives, if you will to
understand what tommorow
may bring, if you will let it.
tears blind the truth of tommorow
they also blind today.
they hide what could be, if only
you understand how to embrace
it. you cant deny tommorow.
it will come again, you must
see this, look forward, even
when all you want is to go
back, look forward, see
tommorows promise in
perfect darkness today.
dont give up hope.
hope needs only the smallest
glimmer, to thrive. when hope
flowers, it brings light
it flowers like nothing else
it does not need light to go on
but rather it gives light
strong hope gives amazing
light, that can pierce even
the darkest recesses of our life
let hope thrive, let it be your light
for the off chance of sucess
brings all with it.

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Nice poem, hope to see some more of your work. :wink: