poetry that rhymes to cow

how now brown cow
why did ron burgundy say that and not meow
god, who do you endow
why, where, what fore and last but not least, how?
Purple grapes above his brow
tantalus had a lot of ow
how now brown cow
will the name be Jones or Dow?
we decide in a pow pow
and then end the war we vow.

In the meadow stood a steer
in the pup some blokes drank beer
this poem needs veneer
that is clear

The dog perchance sees the cow.
His response becomes “Oh, BOW WOW!”

Such Utters affect his utterings.
His little dog’s heart becomes flutterings.

What a god becomes that cow
Now there is an I and Thou.

The dog now stands before the cow
He gives a reverential bow.

Side by side shall they onward plow
Together have they taken that vow.


Pure bovine on the fod
Give the world a good ol’ nod
Enjoy your life until it’s odd
Pure bovine on the fod.

A crow growls down on a meowing clown
down in the gutter the rut utters a sound
Plowing down the outsiders, lights out on the docks
evening clock…