Political Parties

Ive always really hated the idea of political parties of any kind. When people elect somone to office to fight for them in whatever type of government you happen to be talking about they end up being more loyal to their party then the people they are supposed to be representing. I think the world would be a much more democratic place if political parties were illegal and all politicians voted according to the views of their constituents, rather then the party they are a part of.

Dude, your spelling is improving! That is an interesting idea, i have always loathed the notion of someone electing all Republican or all democrat, such people always feel themselves right through the party and never actually vote on issues.

The idea of a political party is a good one if it is used properly, i think. But i agre with you the point that people somtimes just vote for somone just because they are a “republicain or Democrat.” Washington said that political parties would divide our counrty and it has . But the question is is this division a good one or a bad one. personally i think its bad because we are using this division in a wrong way we are siding with somone becasue like i siad before they are either republicain or democrat rather than siding with the ideas of these parties. you also siad that you think that parites should be illeagal and that people should just vote on how the canidate interpetes the constition. If there werent any offical polical parties the the people would make them up them selves according to the canidates views on the constition, Thats sort of what the current political parties are based on.

— Kind of like the frogs asking for a King?

Zak: Frighter said nothing about interpreting the Constitution.

All a political party is is a group of people organized to promote a certain candidate or set of candidates for office. There’s really nothing special about them. To outlaw political parties is to violate the fundamental right of individuals to associate with whom they choose for whatever purpose they choose.

thanks mang =) i r smarts!

and yeah mabye i was a bit extreame with parties being ‘illegal’ but. i think they are better off discouraged.

I just read something in Nietzsche that i mentioned in another thread. He says we relegate immoral actions to the Government because we are too weak or “good” to do them ourselves.

At least you don’t have proportional representation, that gets rid of the entire idea of constituents completely. I’ve always thought PR to be an exceedingly dumb way to elect a government.

PR may be unstable but at least it’s democratic.
edit- Britain has a PR system?

If you think PR (proportional representation ) is bad you ought to see PR (public relations) in the US, representatives are forced to make promises they can’t keep just in order to get elected. How does proportional representation in the UK work? What are it’s good points? bad points?

We don’t have proportional representation. The main benefit is that it’s more democratic as it gives smaller parties a bigger voice. The flaw is in that it often requires coalition gov’ts which tend to be unstable due to ideological conflicts within the co-operating parties.

More than 2 parties (or factions)? mainly 2 in the US.