— I am having problems adding a poll to one of my new posts, i gave the poll a question and put a 0 in the appropriate field all to no avail, what am i doing wrong?

Type a question, then type the first option. Click Add Option, it’ll reload with another option field, enter your second poll option here, click Add Option. Repeat for all options. Then decide if you want it to stop after a certain number of days - if so, put a number in the final box, if not, just leave blank. Then Submit and you should be OK.

Did you get a message box displaying the following message?

“You must enter a message when posting!”

If so, it is requesting that in addition to the poll, you post a regular message, or it may be resulting from the absence of a subject line.

Hope this helps!

— Thanks guys, it was the adding option option that i was failing to do, i didn’t realize that you had to specify yes, no as options.