Pop Quiz

Choose any two:

  1. Enjoy your job.
  2. Work within the law.
  3. Make lots of money.
    I said only two.

I would want to pick 1 and 3 …because law is always subject to change (ha ha) yet I would probably resort to numero 1 and 2.

Tuffy. What would you pick?

If I pick 1 but not 2 does that make my job illegal? I’m going to assume yes or the question would be a lot easier.

I’d choose 1 and 3 for the reason that if you have money the law doesn’t really matter all that much.

But I also like 2 and 3 for the reason that I quite after saving enough money. Or open another business. I don’t know money means options. Always pick money.

i pick number 1 and 3 as well. cause i mean. if you make enough money you can buy yourself a country and then you can set yourself up as a dictator and then you ARE the law =) pretty sweet deal eh?

what is to be considered as within the law, accepting there are so many many laws, some i am familiar with others not, how could i guarantee that by selecting 1 and 3 would involve within or outside of the law?
and would that be tort, commercial or civil law?
what then of the work places law?
i’d choice enjoy my work, make as much money as possible and display a model citizen as best i could.

as considered a duty to.


1 and 2
Old fashioned, but 1 and 2.

Definitely one

If you don’t enjoy what you do… what’s the point in doing it at all.

PS: I hate my job, have no idea why i do it

Have to go with 1 and 2

If you really enjoy your job you wouldn’t care about making lots of money.

Plus if your job involved regularly working outside the law, a little paranioa would eventually settle in, making it a more difficult to enjoy all the money you made illegally.