Portrait of an evening occurence.

After my evening tea I arrived home to an empty apartment.
Only to be greeted by the cat staring at me from across the foyer; I gave a peculiar look as I hung up my coat and hat.

I knelt down and asked, “What have you done?”
It looked towards the kitchen, to which my gaze followed.
Gary had kept his fish tank on the counter- something I’d found to be unsanitary as well as unsettling as the sight of fish were disquieting to me.
The cat had been pulling the fish out of their tank so measures had been taken to secure it’s top.

Droplets of water near the tank: the only vestige of what I would soon find upstairs tucked away in the small rec space of the apartment. With one body upstairs and its counterpart alive and well in its tank- secured at the top- I still wonder, 8 years later, how that cat did that.

lol That was kind of sweet. I have a cat too Yoda but no more fish.
You’re still wondering eight years later? If this really happened, you need to take the time to observe your cat, if you still have him.
I’d be wondering why he left the other fish in the tank unless he/she was just so intelligent figured leaving one in the tank, the other wouldn’t be missed.