Possibly going on strike at work

The trouble has been brewing for some time, and is basically about equal conditions for male and female employees. Personally I find the whole idea ridiculous, but it involves things like equal toilet provision, uniforms, etc. I work for a company that in turn is employed by the local council, who own the leisure centre facilities.

Cool beanz, free holiday.

Anyway, hope it turns out in the workers favour. But I’d start polishing your cv just in case.

And hi btw. I remember your avatar pic.

Hi. I don’t want to go on strike though but may have to since they won’t be able to run any of the events without all the staff there. We are overworked as it is.

My avatar pic is the one of me in the leisure centre uniform, is that right?

I guess it must be.

That’s actually one of the issues. Some have complained that the uniforms are different for men and women, and that this is unfair. That, and the fact that women have fewer toilets are the driving force of the dispute. I really, really hope they don’t make the toilets unisex. For me in particular that would be very unsettling.

Eh, look at it this way, striking over issues that are relatively easily solved - modify uniforms, build more or at least offer equal access to toilet facillities - is a good way of signalling to the employers the workers unity and resolve.

Better to have the occaisional strike over lesser issues than to have the management underestimate their workforce and try to get away with a big one, like working hours, pay, staff cuts etc. thinking that you’d all just take it lying down.

You’re winning a big war, by fighting a little battle.

If the employers do anything at all, it will be to knock the toilets into a single room and make them unisex, which I don’t want. I’m also perfectly fine with the uniform and don’t see why we should all have to wear the same.

Thankfully, I doubt very much that the company is going to agree.

my god. we’re building space stations in orbit right now and remapping entire genomes… and you’re still having problems with enough toilets? i thought we were supposed to get the toilet problem fixed before we set out to pioneer all these new cutting edge technological advancements.

there’s only one explanation for such nonsense, maia… only one thing behind this crap. a bourgeois. now i want you to find him and stomp him out. better yet, lock his ass in an out-house and then see how long it takes for him to buy some toilets with all that money you made him.

It’s never been a problem till someone made it one. There are four toilets in the women’s toilets, and while the men’s toilets, apparently, have a similar sized room, they have just one toilet and six urinals. The obvious reason for this is that toilets take up more space, and in any case, there are more male employees. Furthermore, there are other toilets in other parts of the leisure centre, if we are really desperate to go.

Update… The company have refused to make any changes and we have voted not to go on strike. Thankfully.

Hmm. Union thing or just a vote amongst yourselves…?

Just amongst ourselves.

Hell, I remember when you asked us to vote on the avatar. There were six to choose from.

Here’s how turd responded:

As for the substance of our thoughts, with regard to things like strikes [or Brexit] that’s all eventually embodied in political prejudices embodied in dasein.

No, really. :wink:

By the way, why don’t you ask turd to come back here and I will explain it all to him again. If nothing else we can exchange war stories. :-"

Did the management know that you all had considered striking…? Had you all threatened them officially with a strike…?

I think so. To be honest I had no connection with any of those talks. I’m happy with the arrangements here.