post ‘n’ go

post ‘n’ go

isn’t it funny how people here post then immediately disappear! oh you fickle things!

just thought i would post that :smiley: .

yes- i agree lol- they demand power of attention with their input but desire nothing more- they are not interactive due to many reasons such as fear of rejection- but this is not always the case- sometimes i see people trying to help others with great knowledge but the input is muted by ignorant backlashing- and then you see that the person never returned- in that situation you have to say- is it worth fighting a retarded battle? i know in the past i have been guilty of fighting back against the IGNORANT BACKLASH but i’ve come to see that it is usually a waist of time and only confirms the old theory- THERE’S NO WINNER IN A RETARDED BATTLE- BECAUSE NO MATTER WHAT YOU WERE STILL FIGHTING IN A RETARDED BATTLE. i think it is cowardly to back off without resigning but if your input is responded by ignorant backlash then it is the ignorant backlasher who resigned the game :slight_smile:

well i meant generally, even if you are getting replies and even if good ones, people still post then disappear. scaredy cats

but yes, we can post long replies and get no answer, and some good threads do get ruined. true also that a retarded battle shall always remain so. :smiley: often i look on in anguish as i see someone’s good ideas get trashed on first posts.

sometimes it is difficult to get a good rappor and debate going, because people dont hang around. is there a phantom decapitator around ~ everyone seams scared of something! :astonished: :laughing:

I just thought I’d give my input. I’m an awesome rappor. Off I go.

oh i forgot the ‘t’

…how rude of me sir. :smiley:


I’ll tell you guys this, Coberst does it all of the time, and not only does he do it, but he posts the same questions at multiple forums at the same time.

Let me assure you that people at everyone of these forums have complained, but, I almost never fail to see any of his posts get a reply.

And a reply to that reply and to that reply…

He’s underrated and does us all a good favor.

I don’t understand the “post n’ go” thing. Explain? Does it mean you just post and then don’t care for a reply?

There are two kinds of post n’ goes:

The first (and most annoying) is when you reply to the OP or reply to a reply to have someone reply back to you, but you end the conversation without ever acknowledging the person’s counter-argument. This, to me, is inexcusable, unless it is by accident.

The second post n’ go, which is usually (but not always) annoying is to make an OP and start a new topic and then never respond. In Coberst’s case, I’m cool with it because they are all good questions, they must be, otherwise people would quit responding to them knowing he is not going to respond. The second kind (of the second kind) is if you are going on a rant or don’t say anything that necessarily needs responded to. (i.e. Creative Writing)

The first one seems annoying indeed; though the second one does too.

The second one doesn’t annoy me at all if it is a Rant or in Creative Writing.

Anytime someone comments favorably on something I have written, I almost always acknowledge the compliment, but I don’t suppose it is something that absolutely must be done. I certainly think it is in good taste to do so, but not necessarily in bad taste not to.

With a rant, I think a response to any comments is completely optional. In many cases, it is something where, I needed to say this, it’s off my chest, I’m done with it. That is essentially the nature (or intended purpose) of a rant.

But if it is something otherwise, for example in a serious philosophy discussion, then it would annoy you, wouldn’t it?

yes there are lots of ways to act in an ungentlemanly fashion.

the third option is that nearly all of us ‘post’ and then you check a moment later and they are not online ~ …’and go’.

a simple conversation anyone? what are we all afraid of lols.

oh but now i have gone. :smiley:

i have no problem with posting on multiple forums, i also do that, sometimes on 8 forums at once. my main reason for this is to note the way things get answered. you would think that a question would get more or less the same replies at least at first, yet they rarely do. some threads get a strong response at one forum and not at another ~ even no replies at all. yet if you post a similar question at a later point at only the forum where it didn’t get answered then it gets loads of replies. sometimes it is as if we are all listening to each other and answering on a massive scale. in other words one reply is relevant to another seemingly unconnected one at another forum.
this could easily be excused if people went to the same forums, but mostly they don’t, secondly i post at a few non-public forums, so there is almost no way that other members here are members there.

it seams that we can communicate without even knowing about it. perhaps there is a universal mind [or interaction of some kind] present.

Guilty as charged.

Everytime I think . . . thats the last time I post. I log out, erase my urls and browsing history.

Then I creep on back for a look, thinking, post, but log out after, yeah, you’re not addicted to the ideas of others . . .

I’m going to log out now, fickley.

Bye forever and see you soon.

Obviously this mirrors the face to face world that you’ve turned away from in favor of talking to people on a bulletin board. What would you expect? I have no way of measuring the amount of time that will pass before you see this, and maybe, just maybe, decide to respond. So yeah, I’m going to do something else in the meantime.

If you want to help people, dont give random advice from a distance. Fix the outside world of communication between people with a cure for alienation.

Otherwise, yeah, people are going to continue to vanish, far away, as if they were never there from the get-go.

“I am a nanobot programmed to monitor human interaction over the web, then assemble my version of response. Touch your screen to know me.”

i think a forum is just another way of communicating with people, it doesn’t have to be alienating and has many salient features e.g. people from all walks of life and from anywhere in the world, can debate on an equal footing. …for the first time in history!

this is part of our world now, so why treat it in such contempt? it is still people at the other end, just the same as if we are sat over a table at a cafe.

so instead of the; ‘i’m getting out of here before someone posts a response that may not be flatering’ paranoia thing, why not stand up and converse like a man! …or woman of course. :smiley:

It is part of our world now. Just know, the first go around, face to face, was not good enough, othewise we wouldn’t retreat into the computer zone. Its funny to be able to stand up and converse after the retreat, but hey, world in parts.

Yes, I do anticipate rejection. I bring that from the cafe, here. My contempt for the cafe has spilled over, blurred.

Connecting with someone online has limits, so I just read what I wrote and witness it better well crafted than as if I would’ve done spoken it.

some do retreat some don’t, for some its an expansion. personally i talk on forums because i can’t stand the inane babble i get in real life, not too many philosophers in my life.

=D> haha indeed, that is another good point, the chance to not accidentally say something wrong.

one day all earthlings will speak like this naturally.

…just a sec. I’ll be right back…

Honestly, the second one almost never annoys me unless the person in the OP attempts to solicit a response from a specific individual and does not respond to said individual.