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Post anything. Maybe you want to show us a great sports play or a video of a political speech, maybe even a video of the lastest dance craze, well, you can post it here.

Here is a song, one the weirdest videos to ever match lyrics to images that I have ever seen
It’s called Frontier Psychiatrist
By The Avalanches.

here is a 1943 bugs bunny video which was always my favorite as a child.

i also think it is the only episode where bugs bunny gets defeated (so to speak)

well here it is

if you liked this one just go on youtube and search for merry mellodies

Haha! I love that tune: it’s crazy! :smiley:

A flat directly behind the mews where I live had an all night party, and they played this tune on full volume all night - I wanted to crash the joint, but thought against doing so.
At some point during daylight hours :wink: I heard a woman sobbing uncontrollably in the alley behind the mews, as if something really bad had happended to her - anything can happen at those new-money/cocaine-fuelled townhouse parties! :-s I’m glad I stayed in bed: even if I was up as long as the party was going on for! #-o

you’ve been rita rocked

Lordy, now I know why more singers aren’t ugly. :laughing:

“I wanna hold your hand” cover clip from Across The Universe.

It’s different from the original, but this version is amazing. The girl’s voice is phenomenal.

“All My Loving” cover from Across the Universe.


Funny stuff to watch when you’re high!"

one of the classic scenes from one of my favourite films ever, Tarkan, Viking Blood(Turkish Conan, from the 70’s)

scene from Robo Vampire

A Turkish 1980’s kung fu scene

Training montage from The Man Who Saved the World(Turkish Star Wars) … re=related

scenes from Turkish Superman

highlights of Turkish Spiderman vs Captain America and Santo---- hehe only in Turkey does Spiderman carry a switchblade ROFL

Thats one hell of a wierd song to play at a party. What is/are the mews? Yeah, you strike me as the kind who can party, but also likes to play it safe for the night. There’s another one of my assumptions about you.


Normally I’m not a big fan of the B52’s but going by some of the music you’ve mentioned liking before, tell me if you can get into this song. It’s another wierd one.

Here’s some videos I made.

Monty Python’s Little Red Riding Hood sketch:

While My Guitar Gently Weeps cover:

And the best one (in my opinion), All You Need Is Love:

I like the zappa videos. He’s a fucking genius.

Yeah, weird song/weird party/weird people: they played it throughout most of the night/late morning! :unamused: I think that sobbing woman was taken advantage of in a very bad way, from the way she was sobbing uncontrollably for about an hour :-s I’m so glad I didn’t crash the joint! :astonished:

I live in a mews: a road that has one and the same entrance and exit… they are posher than mere roads or streets! :wink:

…and your assumption is right, Nano-B: party hard / party safe / party till the sun comes up! :wink:

Haha, I remember that tune! Great video / crap song, though, imo!

So you mean you live in a dead-end street. Well, I learned a new British word today.

Futurama, my fave cartoon, ever!

Bender’s the best thing in it, nuff jokes! :smiley:

A mews… the houses tend to be dinkier, almost toy-like.

I just asked one of my friends that lives in London what mews are and she says it’s a sound that cats make. :stuck_out_tongue:

[size=150]Žižek![/size] … re=related

The first one. Pop some corn and watch them all with your friends.

I used to listen to this guy. He’s good at weaving strings.