Power of God

Hello all,

A religion teacher of mine posed this question: Can God create a rock that is too heavy for even Him to lift?

I’ve been thinking about it, and I can’t come up with a very good answer. Does anyone else have any thoughts?


Depends on your definition of God, I guess. An infinite God is limitless, except that he can not make himself limited.

Greetings, dmaxwell.

The question you ask makes no sense, as it assumes the possibility of mutual exclusives.

Can God make a purple yellow? Can God make a square circle? Can God make a wooden stone? Can God make a living corpse?

I guess the answer to such meaningless questions is: “If He wants to.”

Hmm… I would say no since the effect cannot be greater than the cause, however, if you believe that for God anyhting is possible, I would say yes he most definately can. He could also; however, make himself stronger afterwards so that he could lift it. :wink: