Prayer request

If you have time,please pray that my friend is able to overcome stomach cancer and that she comes through her surgery on Thursday safely.

Thank-you :slight_smile:

im not religious- but i will :wink:

Thank you Embrace,you little sweetheart! :smiley:

Let God bless your friend by his own… Amen!
I send him best wishes! Hope he’ll overcome it!

Thank-you! :smiley:

Revered Causal Spirit of life,
Bring your healing power back to us.
Free us from the slavery to sickness,
Set free the curative ability we have lost.

Give energy to those people caring for the sick.
Reconnect with their spirit,
And give them the strength
To ease, to nurse, to heal.

Guide the hands of physicians,
Channel the resources of the sick,
And assist a Synergy of Love
To create an environment of restoration.

We give the sick into your hands.
Help us to trust if we lack faith,
To hope and not despair,
And forgive our inability to do so.


I thought you might like to have a prayer written on the Wailing Wall. … e_Wall.asp

My best…

Sorry, I don’t pray–but I do hope everything goes well and I wish her a speedy recovery. I will keep her in my thoughts.

Thank you,thank-you,thank-you…I love you all for caring. :slight_smile: