Predictions from Zero_Sum and a heart felt greeting.

Hey guys, miss me yet?

Just wanted to make sure everybody stocked up on a bunch of food and water with the latest Coronavirus viral pandemic circulating around the globe.

I have about six months of water and food myself along with plenty of popcorn.

Oh by the way, the United States economy will be collapsing before the year is over, perhaps even within the next couple of weeks. =D> :sunglasses: :laughing:

It seems like yesterday I was laughed and mocked at being called a conspiracy theorist nut where people were trying to discredit my views.

Well, guess who’s laughing now? :stuck_out_tongue: :evilfun: :laughing: :sunglasses: :-" :mrgreen:

Consider this the fat lady singing ladies and gentlemen of ILP…


'sup, zero. nods

keep a close eye on the news because if this thing turns into martial law, that’s our opening… and we’re going for it.

riders on the storm, bro. riders on the storm.

Medical martial law-----> New World Order-----> Global government initiated after several millions of people die if not billions…

Well, damn. I had a good run I guess.

Time to buy Mad Max cars for the kids and teach them how to steer with their feet while aiming an rpg at a moving target. Fun times.

It was the best of times, it was the worse of times…



Have faith, have faith, our only compass must guide toward the mysterious less traveled road of God’s redemption.
Start believing and You shall be saved!

{Ps: God is not a little old man sitting on a far away mountain top: God is within You!}

{Don’t for close on the inheritance of Your progeny!}


You have such a perdy singing voice there boy. :stuck_out_tongue:


And to think, I was only off by my calculations of global economic collapse by only nineteen years…shit…

[Circa 2001]

Better luck next time around I guess.




I liked that.

Only I recognize that my political prejudices here are basically derived from dasein…and not from any analysis able to demonstrate that all rational human beings are obligated to like it. :wink:

Also, many were no doubt inclined toward the same political reaction back when, in 2008, the financial crisis was in full swing. Ten years later the Dow was closing in on 30,000.

Who really knows where capitalism is headed this time. This crisis is particularly problematic because it is driven largely by fear of the unknown. How bad will the pandemic get? When will it finally be contained?

Still, only a fool would count “the system” – the global economy – out.

Let alone come up with something viable to replace it.

Then the part where in gloating over the pain awaiting these fat cat bastards, they always manage to create conditions where the pain inflicted on all the “little guys” is “many a times worse”.

You’re absolutely right Biggie, none of this is real as it relates to ‘dasein’, it’s all just a ploy or creation of your own imagination. I wonder, how does the Coronavirus and a global economic crash relate to dasein? Curious people would like to know Biggie. Go to Wuhan, China and lick some doorknobs describing your subjective experience there afterwards. Make sure to video record yourself and post it online for public viewing. :laughing: :sunglasses:

Yeah, that song is pretty dope. I hope we see some Wallstreet suicides in the coming days.



Day II of global economic collapse and global viral pandemic. As the world [worm] turns…


Hey you mock me but a Billy Corgan ain’t easy. You try sounding like a thirty year old who’s got the voice of an angry post-pubescent teenager who despite of his rage is still just a rat in a cage.

You make a good convincing point regarding Billy Corgan.

His best song.