Prime mover

I am watching light moving on a cobweb outside my window. This is an awewome sight. There are lines of light moving up and down the web as the wind blows it.

This may not make any sense at all, but I know it is the wind causing the movement, not light moving up and down the spider web. My mind jumped to the question, is there a prime mover of the universe? Something that makes everything happen, and without it, there would be no manifestation at all?

Yes; it is me.

Your avatar is so distracting I can’t read all the messages that go with your post.

It´s not that distracting.

Standard, if its you I have a few complaints, where do you want me to lodge them :laughing: :laughing:

What, about my being the prime mover?

Before the gods there was the goddess. All life comes through her, even Zeus had a mother.

You know what happens to the prime mover don’t you?

Through whom came the goddess´ life?

No, but I hope it´s good…

I don’t know either,but, it can’t be good… Do you see a whole lot of volunteers to be the Mover? Shaker, Yes Mover, no. No Mover church either. Shaker Churches, Yes… if you are the Mover, I suggest run fast or get a deputy, Like Jesus or Mohmmad. :sunglasses: :laughing:

( the religion,Shakers, get it,?, No not Quaker… LOL)


you can be my deputy if you wish

i´ll “speak” to you when you least expect it

Cool, this ought to make life interesting… Now how to explain the voice to family… :smiley:

I´ll do you a deal - if your family believe you about me, then I´ll speak to them to confirm their faith.