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Have fun trying to counter-argument that. Leftism embodies lies, parasitism, dysgenia, ugliness, degeneracy, inferiority, etc. And this isn’t even hyperbole - it’s a statement of fact.

You may prefer lies, parasitism, dysgenia, ugliness, degeneracy and inferiority, those may be your preferences, but there’s no question that that’s what leftists embody and promote.

The reason I like Varg Vikernes is that he passes the iambiguous test. He takes all that nazi shit and brings it down to Earth, gives you actual solutions and workeable paradigms.

If you believe the nazi shtick, then this. Call the man’s bluff. No pie in the sky bullshit, no unexplained gaps (like, among many, "there is a coming civil war blablabla… I mean Varg does talk of a comming collapse, as you must if you are an anti-semite, but he doesn’t require it for his approach to operate), white northern man is superior and therefore:.

Clean thinker.

Get past Varg, and if you still are both a nazi and find some unaccounted for nazi things in Varg, then maybe move on to ProprietArianism.

That clown Varg? Lol.
Using the term “nazi” to unironically refer to right-wingers in 2019? Lol.

ILP is such a joke.

Your mom’s a joke.

I like Varg. He is down to earth.


Capitalism and communism are the same rightwing authoritarianism.