proposal :an ilp play

I would like to propose a play, titled quicksia, among ilp members, taking on characters, interacting, changing through interactions, trying to keep storylines consistent and continuous. Anyone may contribute additional characters and plots with the qualification that there be honest and believable scenes following in somewkind of understandable sequence. The characters may be autographical or alluded to ilp members, with adherance toward the usual requirement of not posting abusive as hominems.

If I may start with the opening scene,

Act 1 scene 1.

The scene takes place in a non descript hotel somewhere in a southern town. The rooms are all decorated the same, and most rooms reflect the flickering red neon of Knickerbocker Hotel.

The opening is the lobby, where guests are arriving to some kind of gathering , as yet undefined.

The lobby is decorated with various shades of orange and yellow, furnished with turn of the century heavy damask, and equally formidable biedermeyer desks and cabinets
Large Louis XVI chandeliers throw myraid angled light over blue cream décor.

There seems an urgency to the place of high expectation, anticipating the arrival of someone of great interest

Soft music can be heard seeps sleepy from the piano bar over which the droolimg contraalto of a chantuse forlornly resonates the othervise vapid athmosphere of the elegantly subdued relic of a hotel.

There are several people milling around, and the courteous hotel clerk is silently going about his business of checking people in. He is of middle age, orbsatjwr a shallow complexion, projecting a very boringly curtious expression.
The man he is checking in is Mr Alfonzo, the director if an upcoming play quicksia set to open in the Grand Opera House, right next door

On his sleeve is Miss Sanded, the lead, who is said to have come out of rehab. She looks dazed AMD confused. 

  Clerk (very subdued but but ostentatious) : Here are Your keys, Mr Alfonzo I hope You'all will find your stay quite pleasant. 

   Alfonzo : Thanks. (Turning to misse Sanded, a woman obviously decades younger them Billy her latest paramour, in tow, carrying pill boxes and monogrammed suitcases if various colors and shapes. Billy appears put out and his demeanor suggests flat affect, and  a sort of special distaste toward Alfonzo 

    Billy, : Now Sonia, you know about the  last performace, amand  how horrid  the  review were, ........

    Alfonzo :for god's sakes,  stop bothering her, she needs sleep, and  lots of it, you know how your silly allusions to want that part is making her very confused.  Wait until Provokino gets here, he will put you. In your place.

   Everyone proceeds to ascend to the forth floor to their respective suiites among the busy jostling  of thew personnel in charge  of the  hotel's varied functions 

Would anyone care to continue this story?

Moved to A,M&E… I’ll play along later today as it’s getting-ready-to-go-to-work o’clock here…

I am looking forward to the next scene, thanks Magsj have a great day at work

Magsj, i hope You have not lost interest in this play, it may have promise, who knows, other caveats are, the freedom of adding other characters, and changes in plot and set, as long as it moves along fairly consistently. If You have run into scheduling or other issues, pls. disregard this notice, as inconsequential. I have one confession to make, and i hope You will not hold it against me, the idea is not totally original, i got the idea from Tennessee Williams’ “Sweet Bird of Youth”.However this may not bar a new development, twist. The fact that i read that play years ago, goes toward my favor, of not taking any substantial copyrighted stuff out of it. Finally, everything has already been written, there are really, no new things one can invent, only dress up used skeletons different ways. So, this is still open, until it drifts toward the archaic, archives?