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What do you think of these two pretty twins? Do you think they are victims of brainwashing of their mother April? What do you think lies ahead for them, will they renounce their old beliefs or what? They are quite the intelligent girls though. In an interview, an 11 year old Lamb told a reporter she was an atheist and held her own against a radio talk show host. Thoughts about them?

It’s a little strange I guess. Do you have any of thier music?

I have some. You can hear them on youtube videos.

God they fail at music.

But to me, they raise an interesting issue of perceptions of racism. Suppose that a person representing a dying ethnicity, like the Ainu of Japan, said something like “there aren’t enough Ainu babies being born, we need to preserve our race”. I don’t think we’d call them racist for that. But if whites say the same thing, they are branded racist.

I’m not sure that a desire to preserve racial identity should be, by itself, branded racist. The “white nationalists” are careful to note that they are not “white supremacists” anymore:

BTW, I’m all for interracial breeding :smiley:

Bubble gum kid-band pop music has reached new extremes. It is no longer about love songs or highschool rumors…no…its about atheism and nationalism.

How profound can the words of an eleven year old atheist/nationalist be? Have those kids even read the wikipedia pages yet? I think they’re just a marketing gimmick. Some flousy and her husband wants to get some publicity for their beliefs and happen to have a couple kids who almost sing in key and look cute. First they get noticed by a talent scout and then its just auditions until they hit the stage…or the cover of a magazine. But what if…what if our message was more profound than a silly love song? What if we based the theme of the music around a philosophy? My God, that’s genius!


Personally, I miss the days of love songs. All that’s mainstream anymore is songs from rappers about banging prostitutes and songs from prostitutes about getting banged. Someone, please, invent cloning and test it on Frank Sinatra!

Anybody who can say that Hitler did the right thing, in any sense whatsoever, is… well, very wrong.

Gee, that was supposed to come out harsher than it did.

Hitler totally did the right thing.


He only had one testicle,
A shitty mustache,
Totally an asshole.
He made Germany look bad.
I bet he was snorting stuff.
His wives went insane,
When I had a few.
Just that kinda guy, I guess.
Really fucks things up.[/b]

I think the real issue here is that of allowing parents to raise their kids “in their own image”. The only way to prevent brainwashing and premature politicisation is to take kids away from their parents, and that’s a nono. In other words, we can’t do anything about it.

Dennett and his ilk understand that religions, for example, basically depend for their survival-en-masse on the passage of memes from parents to children, hence his call for all children to be taught about all religions on an equal footing. The religious know this too, hence their unwillingness to do it.