Psycho Juice

The best drug of the ages, the Hash of the Hashashin.


Im not interested in telling you how it is. You know how it is. Youre in it right now. What’s your psychojuice? Where is your angle to the strange, the direct? That which is most direct appears to us as strange. Hence, “the stranger”, Camus’ elementary masterpiece. The man is direct, therefore he is the ultimate foreigner/stranger.

Where is your elemental? The spirit that moves you, when codes or duties or wants do not?



Move, stranger.

Sunken goat in our souls, drunken boat in our goals,

Don’t even drink, don’t even try to think,

Dire straits say bye bye. Play this track on your car stereo and go find some misty winding roads.


Of course this is only for shadow-warriors, but who isn’t one of them these days, or shouldnt be?

This is a world of violent mist. Niflheim is, I suppose, unleashing its creatures.

For those of you feeling melancholy is the best trance out there to be found, I’ve got a pathway for you


You won’t regret, but you will remember.

And so the spirit moves from fire to ice.

The two elements that birthed this world and sustain its edges;
Hail the primordial giants.

Find your cure. But do it fast. Ease up on the disease.


Whatever that fuckn means.