Punishment is EVIL!!!

24/7 I imagine scenarios where everyone hates me and everyone is out to get me and kill me.

Lately I imagine this scenario where I am at a State Fair, and there is a Multiculturalism Stage on the side of the block. Their are booths full of foreign immigrants sharing pamphlets. And then a fat black man just goes ape shit and starts running around beating on everyone. I run and scream running for my life, then a Foreign Pakistani man pulls out a pistol and shoots me in the back of the head. Just boom, dead, just like that.

I imagine myself dying, feeling robbed and suprised for an instant but slowly embracing the utter metaphorical orgasm of an inferior, ignoble being utterly violating me for one second. And I fade to black.

So my question is…why. Why punish this man. Im just boom, dead. I probably went to some my little pony lesbian utopia after he kills me. I’m probably in paradise right now, meanwhile he is being locked in a tiny cell for 50 years.

Why do you lock this guy in a cell for 50 years when, for all you know, he litterally saved me from this cruel world. I think you are evil.

Mr. Reasonable sent me a PM saying a friend of his is facing 99 years of prison for a nonviolent crime.

I want to offer him the utmost sympathy and I wish that all prisoners would be freed from prison. I hate the prison system and it triggers me and ruins my day. I think the prison system is evil and most human beings are subhuman. If you think it’s cool to lock someone in a cell you are a subhuman and deserve to go to hell.

I somewhat agree - I think most prison sentences are too long… I think if sentences were cut in half across the board, that would be a good thing