Puppet populist?

Celebrity apprentice USA and a certain Mr Trump.

I’ve seen the show before a few times and its on in the background now, so what’s with all the globalism and universalism on the show? he treats everyone equally even hombres.

Puppet populist?

Who’s pulling the strings, dare I ask? Could the Jews be so insecure that they’d resort to racism and the façade of Trump the politician. I mean, I can understand why they feel like that, but if you keep doing shit like this then people are going to hate you. It would be much more sensible - if it is the Jews pulling the strings, to just not do that, especially as they already had Obama in place. Maybe Mr Trump is being more true to himself in this medium, or he is relating to a general consensus he felt in the population. Which is worse, if the Jews know all that and are using it and him even when knowing that! Did Obama flip things against them in some perceived sense, or at least for them to seek greater shelter against Islam?

I am sick of being manipulated and by all politicians and every kind of politic, so I understand the general consensus [believe it or not], but this degree of manipulation is just absurd.

Btw I am not anti-Semitic, just anti-bullshit.

Every herd has those that stand apart and away from the herd, they hang around their herd but, only near the edge. We do that as well. There are those of us that see more then the herd sees. When you look at the human herd there is that question: Why do they follow? Genetics? Experience?? Probably both. I have stood in the middle of the woods and I have stood in huge crowds, I felt less alone in the woods.