Pure hatred = pure love

I hate everyone, and I hate them all equally.

It is illogical for me to hate one person more than another, one planet more than another, one universe more than another.

I ask myself constantly, “why should I hate this person more than that person?” And I can never find a reason.

Therefor, I’m one of the kindest people you will meet.

I call my practice: radical hatred

I have more in common with people who express love for all beings than any other subset of beings.

People argue, “but hatred is such a strong emotion and totally different than love”

Besides the old trope that you have to love something before you can hate something, I tell them, “have you ever considered, truly, how you’d act if you hated everything?”

It’s not people like me that you have to worry about.

How does hatred produce kindness?

If you hate everyone equally, then you will be unkind equally to all. You won’t be kind.

Great question and very simple: it’s impossible to be unkind to all of existence at once. So you then have to make a choice. Why be more unkind to this existence than another one?

EC, your response was not an answer to Phyllo’s question. You skirted his question.

I did not skirt his question. It’s IMPOSSIBLE to be unkind to all of existence at once. This forces you to CHOOSE who to be kind or unkind towards.

No it’s not, you can hate everyone and thing equally, but that mentality doesn’t leave room to be kind.

So it’s possible to be kind to “all of existence” but not to be unkind to “all of existence”?

What does hatred mean if not that you will be unkind to those you hate?

Maybe it’s not possible to be kind to all of existence, not possible for EC that is.

Hatred is just all talk and suppressed hostility. To really feel the real venom of actual hate, refer to Stalin’s point.
“You feel horror at the murder of one human being, but feel nothing in the slaughter of millions.”
Meaning : you can only really hate only one person at a time.

It’s also impossible to be kind of all of existence at once. You could simply be unkind to those facets of existence you come in contact with.

I don’t think one can hate everyone and thing equally. One could hate life or the universe as a whole, but not all the thing and people in it equally. We are not machines. Actually I should say this to him.

Emotions are not logical, we are not machines, no person hates everyone equally and how the hell would one even measure such a thing?

In your thoughts you may hate them all equally, and thinkhate equally, and draw conclusions about how you should feel, but your feelings are going to whip in under and around these ideal conceptions in your head. In line at the grocery store some cashiers you are going to hate more than others. Some people who stand almost beside you instead of behind, you’re going to hate them more. Or whatever criteria and triggers you as an individual have. Emotions and desires are going to create priorities and preferences.

It may be a practice in that you consciously try to do this, but your body will let you know you hate some for that others.

This sounds like confusing your thoughts and ideals with the whole of you.

I didn’t state that you’d be kind to all existence, just that you’d be one of the kindest people you’ve ever met. Pure love doesn’t mean acceptance of everything either, such as you being sent to hell forever. Everyone has a stake in that one, and nobody loves it for themselves.

Have you ever really met a misanthrope, who claims to be a misanthrope?

They’re nice people.

Now you get selective haters like hitler and they’re not so nice people.

So there’s one of two options:

The misanthrope is really not a misanthrope, or they’re confused about what a misanthrope is.

Which is what you and Wendy are arguing.

Or they truly see hypocrisy when love and hatred converge at the limit, such, that hating everyone makes selective hatred a hypocrite of them.

For example: I can kill Phil down the street.

Killing Phil down the street means that I code to hate one person more than the other 7 billion, all of whom, I equally hate, because I’m a misanthrope.

So, if I hate everyone, but am only able to take it out verbally to 10,000 people in my lifetimes, that also makes me a hypocrite. Why those 10,000 and not 7 billion.

The enormity of hating everyone is such a crushing burden, that it suplicates the misanthrope to be kind and gentle

I have to additionally add: for people genuinely confused about misanthropy as Karpel is:

The misanthrope sees with a keen eye that everyone who says they never raped anyone, is in fact a defender of rape culture. They are just as culpable.

It’s incomprehensible to non misanthropes how someone could not hate some more than others.

They are blind, and by being blind, they become selective haters, just like hitler

Here is one for comic relief:

A catholic guy goes to confession and admits to hating everyone. Then he asks for absolution.

The priest turns and says: No need for penance, , I do too.

Do you know how teenagery it makes you sound when you fail to notice and admit your own complexity so poorly?

And now you have asserted it, and it has been challenged. And I don’t think you have the courage now to see if your ideas about yourself actually match you. Not here anyway…

This is just you again thinking that your perfect thoughts are reflecting in perfectly equal emotional reactions to everyone. Confusing your thoughts with what you are. And not even all your thoughts. Your philosophical thoughts. And yes, snore, I know that your feelings with have some alignment with your ideas. But sorry, no, it is simply not possible that you hate everyone equally. There will be differences, even here in the forum, but palpably out in the world, between how you react to people. You’re not a programmaed AI or something. You’re a human.

Yes, because humans are not mathematical robots.

Ideas in you’re head are not you. They are a part. Notice how you actually feel when you come in contact with people. Some make you feel hatred more than others. You never have to admit it to me, but you will notice it. Unless you are up in a cabin in the woods, never seeing others. And heck, you better pull offline.

And, golly, I know how easy it is for you to deny this and claim your mathematically perfect hatred. You don’t need to bother. I won’t take is seriously.

Isn’t honesty the underlying issue here?

I’m a hyper empath, of course everyone feels different to me.

Even sociopaths feel.

If I feel more hatred in one person than another, of course I will feel more hatred.

Quite the opposite of being an adelescent, I can seperate my feelings of others from my own.

Also, when I know something for a fact with my mind, my emotions obey me.

When I was younger, this wasn’t true.

When you have gone through the kind of selective pressure that I’ve been through, you understand that latently, even though someone hasn’t opened up their mouths, that the hatred is there seething to be provoked, simply by stating an obvious truth.

Misanthropes exist
Misanthropes are nice people

Misanthropes are more perceptive about the latency within people, they don’t live a lie to that regard.

Everyone is an immediate threat to the highly sensitive and perceptive.

The question then becomes about how to organize those emotions in a rational (non hypocritical) way.

Sure, when people are younger, their emotions rule them more … as they age, non hypocrisy becomes a greater value to them.

I’ve met spirits of all sorts, never have I met one that didn’t think it wasn’t doing the right thing at that moment.

So then, the issue becomes one of education, do people know that they’re being hypocrites? Why should they care? Things like that.

Now, if you can call me a hypocrite based upon the content of this thread and the content in your head, then continue to do so.

Not possible because you need a reason to hate so you can only hate someone you know or infamous people from history
Also like all emotions hate is on a spectrum and so even if you could hate everyone you would not hate them all equally

No it doesnt because misanthropy is a general contempt for human beings rather than a pathological hatred of absolutely everyone
You can be a misanthrope and have some friends while still holding most humans in contempt without a need to be kind and gentle