Pure Humanity

True, but it seems like the active posters who have at least one jab, far exceed the active posters who have had none.

It’s a vocal minority, while the onlookers who do not speak out, may represent the vote here.

Vaccines cause Myopericarditis:

tv.gab.com/channel/redvoicemedi … 0530fd4e95

Uh-oh. You’re not going to start stalking me are you?! :sunglasses:

dude you have seriously gone way too far down the rabbit hole this is the post of a crazy person seek help bruh seriously

Put down the bongs and meth, get sober for a minute, and pay attention:


Soon machines will be able to read micro-expressions on the face in order determine emotions, so even without “vaccine chips”, bodily autonomy is going out the window. But I’m not being an alarmist here, as I never really believed in that much freedom to start with.

It matters to those of us who value Humanity, in increasingly hostile environments versus those who lost their own long ago, and never valued it to begin with…

Like the drug addicts on this forum, who have no hesitating injecting themselves with heroin or whatever their drug dealer friends give them. Including “vaccinations”.

Yup, men vs mutants, that appears to be what it’s boiling down to. :laughing:
But unlike in X-Men, these mutants won’t be superhuman, but subhuman slaves. :icon-wink:

vets have been putting these in dogs for years it is not a new thing lol

So you agree with me then, humans are becoming more like animals and livestock… gotcha.

…rationalising, what They know they cannot control/have no control over… empowerment by proxy.

It’s called “demoralization”. It’s a tactic by the “world elite” in the Davos Group and World Economic Forum.

They want Western Civilization to become like Eastern Civilization, including a “social credit” score.

I bet you already have these in the UK. In the US, we still have our guns. They have to take those first, before they make much more “progress”.

Maybe that’s going a bit too far. The center field through such a process as of yet would present too wide an array of social signatures to become viable
It is still in the area of a 'social experiment-/ game.

The game is still in a controllable level of convertability, where on fail safe situations are simultaniously revised.

Its a functionally processed derivitive of many variables, and AI has passed that transmutation quite a while ago to retain at least the calculated tipping point.

But pure reversability is no longer an option, therefore simulated reality augments the process


La Quinta Columna, Graphene Quantum Dots, Agenda 2030:



Does the link not work?

Maybe not from UK??

Try this link, Magsj:


I’ll write out the English transcript later tonight.

Yea, some channels are blocked here… whether I agree with them or not, enquiring minds want to know, as in… all voices should be heard.

That’s very kind… because I’m not clued up on Latino languages, at all.

You can also DM me it, if you prefer…?