Pure Humanity

In the 21st Century, billions of former-Humans have willingly given up their Bodily Autonomy without a fight.

They/You have given control of your body over to Karl Schwab, Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, The World Economic Forum, The Davos Group, and Eugenicists. You are a Postmodern Slave. You are owned property. Because you are owned property, you are no longer a ‘Free’ person, an individual, a Human Being. This includes most on this forum. You have absorbed DNA-altering Biotech into your bodies. These are not, and never were, traditional “vaccines”. Rather the term “vaccine” was used intentionally, as a means to manipulate public trust of health between doctors and the common populace.

So, soon, humanity will quickly and immediately shift into two types: 1) the Pureblooded who remain unmodified and Free, versus 2) the increasing Slave masses with Sewage blood. Who knows what you have injected??? You certainly don’t. Those that shot you up, some which intended to be Sterilization, some of which intended to be Euthanized… know what they inject into you. You DO NOT. You have no Control over your own bodies.

Do you even have control over your minds??? The answer, must be, No.

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Ecmandu? Move over. Here is a “condition” that matches yours and then some.

Really, what else is there but to come back to this:

“Not to get too cynical, but the more the unvaccinated ‘Covid is a complete hoax cooked up by Big Brother to put chips in our bodies’ pinheads die, the better?”

Note to Maia:

Don’t say that I didn’t, well, you know. :wink:

Most of the posters on this forum claim to be un-vaccinated. :-"

The Covid vaccine does NOT ALTER YOUR DNA, you goddamned, Trump-supporting, clueless baboon of an idiot.

GTFO, you pathetic piece of lying shit.

You don’t even know what DNA is. You don’t know what RNA is. You don’t know where DNA is located in your body, or what it does. You don’t know what an mRNA vaccine is. You know NOTHING, you ignorant clown, yet you feel free to spew your pathetic BS across the internet and infect the minds of a lot of other dummies like you. YOU are a virus.

It does alter your DNA.

Show me the ingredients, you fucking liar.

Oh, wait, here’s a list of the ingredients right here…!

thecovidworld.com/pharmacist-sh … are-blank/

The only thing good about this forum is that virtually no one participates in it, except for a small gaggle of lunatics like the piece of shit who started this thread, and virtually no one reads it or cares about it. Good!

But … THIS? Who the hell runs this place? Have you no self-respect, allowing this ignorant twerp to post this filthy garbage? Do you know how Facebook has been skewered for allowing ghouls like this to post mind-poison like this?

What the HELL is wrong with you people? This asshole should be banned at once and all his rotten posts nuked.

Shame on the owners of this dump!

Right back at you, you pathetic child.

Now go turn your blood black and brown, swampish, mudblood.

Show me the fucking ingredients, stooge.

I’ve seen a poll that 60% of Adults in USA are vaccinated at least one time.

I bet it’s about the same on this forum… it would make for an interesting poll.

Putting the covid vaccine aside [and pood and I basically share the same frame of mind in regard to Urwrong], what do posts of this sort tell us about pood himself?

He ever complains about ILP not enforcing rules that he himself flouts time and again!!

Back to this:

Pood, and his liberal-leftist Marxist ideology, is nothing new on this forum. However, it has become pervasive and rampant, a disease on this forum.

He is a New Nazi.

He wants to forcibly inject others with toxins and poisons, because he-himself has been tricked into it. He wants to spread his disease to others.

The irony of these New Nazis, is that they don’t even know what they injected themselves. They cannot produce the ingredient list!!!

How retarded would you have to be, to inject yourself with shit you don’t even know what it is?!?

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Ecmandu? Move over. Here is a “condition” that matches yours and then some.

Tell me something new though. I already knew you shared retardation in common with poop:

Trust me: The Last Stooge Standing hates me even more than he hates you.

Though, ironically enough, for the same reason.

You are both fulminating fanatic “my way or the highway” authoritarians. You with your “condition”, him with his.

All I can do is to keep chipping away at your insufferable dogmas and, given a miracle, actually liberate you from your own turgid minds.

How about this:

Maia is on my side here. She rejects objectivism.

So, if you do harbor “ulterior motives” in your pursuit of her, tone that part down, okay?

There’s already been a poll on this forum.


67% not vaccinated as of Oct 30, 2021

Press ‘x’ to doubt.

I appreciate the link though.

Funny how you believe things that confirm your preconceptions and doubt things which do not.

Google says, Urwrong

My mind is open, so argue against Google, not me.

You don’t understand statistics.

The posters on this forum, or some other forum, are not the same as a random sample of the US population. They don’t necessarily have the same attitudes and behaviors as some other group.